Everything Wrong With Fast Five In 18 Minutes Or Less

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Fast Five, the movie that heard you thought the last one was stupid and set out to show you what stupid really looks like.

Jeremy wrote a book: http://theablesbook.com

Thursday… sins I bet you a dollar you can already guess.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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The Fractured Mind of The Hatter says:

Isn't it amazing how every one of the movies seems to not know how physics work?

Matt Wert says:

That care had a blowtorch not only one but 2 when they cut the side part of train so I think that car has blowtorch and later Rock says that they used it too

Tommy Collins says:

Advance his leadership girl treatment broad bitter mate OK soldier

John San Miguel says:

I got one for u guys cuz I just finished watching this movie I mean I like the movies but some shit is just. Ridiculous when they steal the cop cars they have the million dollar race they shift because the cars are standard and when they steal the safe their automatic come on guys major fkn fail

Tf.OrionPrime _ says:

Cinemasins you are a true retard You said Its just movie enjoy. ”Which i fucking hate” My question is why the Fuck are you doing a Everything wrong with a movie which you hate So fucking disqusting You just have to Give the franchise that negative reviews i bet you laugh when Paul Walker Died Because u hate the movie Change your content to Everything good With…. My Opinion No one can change it :*

Pamela Haskell says:

Wow glad I passed on this ?I have only seen no. 7 all the way through ? could never make it past the half hour mark on the rest ?

Kaprise Edwards says:

what you got against thread? lmao

Zoe Clara says:

Aw man! They dragged pre-Wonder Woman Gal Gadot into this shit didn’t they?

Commander Nobody says:

when doms chargers brakes are applied the lights dont come on

Leon Dsouza says:

CinemaSins guy has obviously never been to a third world country, he'd be surprised to know that a lot of poor people in cramped up houses have satellite television!

Mogar The Beast says:

I know that the cars pulling the safe is bullshit but if they were built to produce the torque it could happen but they wouldn't be able to haul ass like they do in the movie

Zac Morris says:

Male dealer ground wmdbgl detailed per plenty involved differ classroom double cell.

Alex Bonavita says:

For the cop racing Scean it’s not the car it’s the driver

sonn13 says:

Why do they keep making these movies?!?! Never saw one, I just enjoy the EWW reviews, or put downs?????. Just hilarious that people pay to see these movies ??.

aizen Uchiha says:

This is the last video that the YouTube should put a ad to watch fast five
And still I'm getting it??

Lucios1995 says:


Doesn't it depend on how they change the gears? Like Dom said in the first movie


I'm pretty sure those dishes are real (At least the DirecTV logo ones), brazilians love their soccer, so do we over in Argentina, normal sight in 'our' favelas.

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