Everything Wrong With 10 Cloverfield Lane In 10 Minutes Or Less

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This Cloverfield “cousin” or “sequel” or “whatever” basically has nothing to do with Cloverfield, but it’s still an entertaining little film. Here are its sins.

Next week: Sins of a modern animated “classic” and sins of an 80’s sci-fi movie.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie’s sins should we expose next?!

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OkieAirsoft says:

If i was a director I would send my "finished" movie to this guy and let him brutally and honestly critique it to make it a nearly perfect movement

Studio13Drew says:

emmit’s arm is in a sling the whole time because they probably have to snap his bones back in place after it sits in the same position long enough. he definitely doesn’t have an actual cast on under the sling, so his arm is WAY more fragile than michelle’s leg.

yorch miranda says:

This cinema sin channel is so stupid. You don’t have fresh ideas anymore. You should quit making this vídeos and try to get laid. ?

MAZZ0Murder says:

Yeah, the opening scene made me think the dialogue track was forgotten somehow? 😛
And I actually noticed a few of these sin in the film… especially when Howard Batman's his way downstairs when he's always been loud before… or the whole room that was made not only to be inaccessible to him, but also be a place where he kidnapped someone and murdered them?

TheVicePrez says:

I thought Michelle was the one that wanted to be a fashion designer?

Jay Lee says:

These videos are exactly like how I am when watching films . I always annoy people because I always point out dumb stuff

Josh Margolis says:

Alternate plot of this movie: Vice Dean abducted her to add her to his Air Conditioning repair school

Randy Siverson says:

Omg! That Rosanne scene at the end ???

Sollux Captor says:

You said "make shift molitov" but a molitov in of it's self is a makeshift incendairy device. I'm adding another sin to cinema sins

Carløs Miranda says:

Error: 8:21 this movie came out first before the Martian

[Edit] nvm the Martian come out in 2015 and this movie in 2016*

millzi matt says:

Wtf is going on in this movie

Thicc Smegs says:

All your videos are the same

Papa Barku says:

The fashion design book is Michelle's not Meagan's lol

Amanda Anderson says:

now you have cloverfield paradox

Trev says:

9:36 This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while

slyInsomniac says:

I could go to where the bunker was when i was little i lived in lake charles

Mike bonilla says:

Your a Hack

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