ETERNALS Trailer 2 (2021)

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ETERNALS Trailer 2 (2021) Angelina Jolie, Marvel Movie HD
© 2021 – Disney


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Macs Voltage says:

It's a shame this movie will be like the rest of the material from Disney these days.

This movie will be about the "message" instead of the Eternals.

Jayco says:

They should have just ignored what’s gone before and why the Eternals didn’t fight – playing the retcon card rarely works and it definitely hasn’t here.

Shacklesjpg says:

They aren’t showing kit Harrington’s character enough


The only character I’m interested in is the guy who broke the table. Don’t care about this movie at all or that Angelina Jolie is in it. Her role looks boring.

Akram Haque says:

Game of thrones season 9.

Fred Garati says:

Angelina Jolie though…

Amir Sohel says:

this looks good, will watch.

Diego Reyes says:

Did anybody else think this was about zombies in the first 6 seconds of the trailer??

Stefhanify says:

This looks great, I can't wait. Love it that Angelina Jolie is in this movie

marko marin says:

Handcock must be their leader

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