Enola Holmes and EVERYTHING You NEED To Know!

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Enola Holmes and EVERYTHING You NEED To Know!

Welcome back to another video from us here at Flixified, today we are going to be taking a deep dive into the new netflix show staring our favorite star from stranger things Millie Bobby Brown! If you love watching anything that has Millie Bobby Brown in then you need to make sure that you are going to watch this video because if you have never seen Enola Holmes before on Netflix then you are going to totally want to watch this video! Sometimes when our favorite stars do anything and play in any movie we all want to watch, mainly because we end up seeing some awesome content from them and Millie Bobby Brown is no different!

Now, if you want to also watch Henry Cavill from The Witcher in this show then you are going to also want to make sure you stick around because this is going to be something we expect him to play very well! Henry normally plays his role as superman, or the witcher really well, so it’s exciting to see what he plays when it comes to this role as he will need to be subtle and not so powerful!

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Ysharay Osea says:

Enola Netflix

Demi says:

How tf do you know about all of this? The movie haven’t came out or it’s becuz from the book

Edit: this giveaway is fake and all giveaways

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Enola Netflix

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ALG EDIT says:

Enola Netflix

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Subhiksha Subramanian says:

Thank You for entertaining the world through the rough times, and shining light in our lives. I really need the MacBook Pro for school. I am using my dads old laptop that he got in 2012. I am really surprised it is still working. Thank, bye!!

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Enola Netflix

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Ebola homes

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Enola Netflix and i really need a notebook for my school oh i can have a phone too it doesnt matter

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giveaways are fake btw

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I'm the first dislike, giveaways fake.

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Also Enola Netflix

Ayriani Hoerter says:

I really need that Mac book for school also love you videos

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I can't wait for this show! Love your videos!
Also, Enola Netflix
I rlly want that iPad pro!!

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