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[Eng Sub] Ikemen Prince: Act 3 Chevalier Official Trailer




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◆Chevalier’s Love Proposition Synopsis◆
Finally learning of true love, the cruel and merciless beast has now regained his humanity.
He holds a formal engagement ceremony with the former “Belle” and guides Rhodolite down the path to becoming a wonderful kingdom with the next queen.
However, Obsidian approaches them with an “accord”—and when they set foot in the territory of the enemy nation…their old adversary, the Conqueror Beast, bares his fangs.
In order to confront this fearsome malice, the “love” that allows the beast to maintain his humanity now serves as a shackle…

「This time I’ll be the one to prove the value of love. Just like you once did.」
This is the tale of the world’s most beautiful true love—where a beast discovered true love and regained his humanity and the beauty whose heart remained unchanged.

◆Act 3 Synopsis◆
(In Progress)