ENCOUNTER Trailer 2 (2022) Octavia Spencer, Riz Ahmed, Thriller Movie

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ENCOUNTER Trailer 2 (NEW 2022) Octavia Spencer, Riz Ahmed, Thriller Movie
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StreamingDisorder says:

Riz Ahmed? Karen and Georgia have entered the chat!

gaming zone says:

I saw riz ahmed for first time in night crawlers 😀

alexandre santos says:

Close Encounters 2021?

Vincent Hammons says:

so is this about aliens or some dude having a mental breakdown?

John O says:

riz ahmed is quickly becoming one of those actors whose movies you watch just because he's in it

Manu Beez says:

Sold. I'm in!

Colineo says:

Oh wow that was a fuckin great trailer. Riz and Octavia!??? Sold!

Baelzar says:

Let me guess. He's schizophrenic and imagining the whole alien thing. Bait and switch.

sm70911 says:

Just kinda feels like a played out idea TBH

TheCarlScharnberg says:

Aww. Please don't say he's delusional.

B J says:

Riz is great. I'm glad to see it in a main role again.

Amy G says:

Stop showing trailers for the trailer on the same video!!

Tiisetso Nyiko Lebese says:

never mind still something though.

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