Emoji Movie Review

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The Emoji Movie: The Review!

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Fatima Khan says:

Bushra how ur you doing☺️

kevin bartlett says:


liam boland says:

We should all blame the simposns for ever creating the word meh

TheOnlyIchiban says:

Where does Dan do the box office reports?

TheFlyingFire Gaming says:

?? ??

Zoidberg Schokolade says:

This movie is so stupid that I can literally come up with a better plot in like five minutes. Doubt me? The movie begins when the MC wakes up one morning and finds out his face has glitched and is all messed up. All the other emojis think it's the end of their world because he lost his meaning and it could happen to them too. The villain tries to murder the MC but he escapes and end up accidentally sending himself to the girl the boy likes IRL. She is so intrigued by it that she starts talking to him and they get along. Now the MC can't be killed because the kids relationship depends on him. Movie stuff happens and the villain ends up breaking the phone. They think the girl will break up with the boy but she doesn't. They leave their phones behind and go do stuff or whatever. The MC finds out the he had a meaning all along because he meant something for the couple, and gives a big speech about how they all have different meanings for different people, but it's the relationship between them that really matters. The end.

Johnathan Romano says:

It's funny how dan murrel say he hates transformers and give benefit of the doubt to this piece of shit

Ottboyz -3 says:

IMDB users gives the movie an average of 1.4

emil engen says:

Emoji movie has a 1.4 on imdb, it's on 6th place on imdb lowest rated movies.

Caliab says:

Sounds like a mashup of Wreck It Ralph, the Lego Movie, and Sausage Party all mixed into one…but terribly done.

Guy with a camera 925 says:

Up next. The Roblox Movie

Guy with a camera 925 says:

The emoji movie is freaking ?

That Asshole says:

Me 000

Kin3sisCurt says:

THANKS! You saved me from buying a ticket! Naw, jk. I figured the movie was shit because there was shit in the trailers.

Hamit UTUBE says:

Great news emoji movie 2 is coming

Bluemooncreeper.does.MC says:


SoraSimpleAndClean says:

SJ is so bad now

Benjamin Long says:

Me me BIG disappointment.

Awesoman121 says:

ios11 adds updated sounds, animations, and more! We have decided to remove emojis to have more room for more updates. Yeah, that's why.

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