Ellen DeGeneres’ Monologue: 2007 Oscars

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79th Annual Academy Awards® host Ellen DeGeneres’ opening monologue (2007).

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Shannen Lucmayon says:


LilianO says:

Oh look Ellen has a breast.

MeggyPerry says:

someone tell me why she cant host every year? Really

lil_ceez98 says:

What is Michael Scott doing here…

leila katayama says:

Wow ? beautiful supporting smile ? will smith congratulations ? Ellendegeneres

Gabriella Grrido says:

2018 baby!!

creoloko says:

Where is the rest of the monologue!? ?

Azrai Iskandar says:

Is that Diego Luna at 2:46? Wow.. He's been apart of the big leagues since then huh?

Christopher cruz says:


Ross Viles says:

She's so right about Al Gore! America DID vote for him!

Senpaiii c: says:

Who is dat little girl 3:12 ???

Mills J says:

2007 in 480p? the footage is from 1987

nanrob says:

Awesomeness overloaded

Vaas Montenegro says:

"After you'r nominated a few times you just wanna win…" *Camera pans at Leo
I see what you did there…

mustangblack05 says:

I keep confusing her for Owen Wilson

leo valdez says:

Will smiths laugh tho ??

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