DUNE Official Trailer 4K (2020) Ultra HD

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DUNE Official Trailer 4K (2020) Ultra HD
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Kaeben says:

Some of the casting is very poor, and Momoa overacts in every clip I've seen. Casting Oscar Isaac is laughable and handicaps the film from the start. They shouldn't have made this.

cristiano santos says:

Qual nome da série ?

Lopp Ghat Thery says:

Como cuando vas a ver al chico y no a la pelicula xD

Ollie is awesome Lowe says:

This is my essentric son… watch Dune fans

The HAL says:

Rebecca Ferguson??? I’m in… all the way!!! 😈

MrWali TV Online says:

impressive video

Kylie Smith says:

But people are scared of investing because of the high rate of scam in the business

Gavin Ryan says:

Wow! Stock is much better than crypto

wed0notcare says:

It's like Lynch's Dune, but with crappy aesthetics and totally shitty music…

Michael McNamara says:

Daamn! I think they might have got it right this time!

C. F. says:

too weird and esoteric for mainstream audiences, it will flop

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