Dune Official Trailer 2020| Reaction!

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Dune Original Trailer Video:



troy mash says:

The source material, the book, directly inspired George Lucas' Star Wars. Dune, Arrakis, the desert planet. Only source of the spice melange in the known universe. The spice extends life, increases awareness. In some it gives the power of prescience and allows humans to fold space to travel instantaneously across the galaxy. The universe is ruled by the Padisha Emperor and the Landsraad. Each planet has a ruling family. If you like Sci Fi, give this movie a shot. The books are amazing.

Greyson Greyhater says:

Dune … Arrakis … desert planet. This movie is an adaptation of Frank Herbert's 1965 sci-fi novel, Dune. This will be the first of two parts, since Dune cannot be told in a 2-hour movie.

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