DUNE (2021) Trailer Reaction | Vlogoween 2020 Day 12

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Welp, we have to wait until 2021 for Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s DUNE. But we can still check out the trailer for Vlogoween Day 11 and react to it.

Are you guys looking forward to DUNE?


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Chance says:

i, for one, would’ve been in the theater opening night even if i had to go in a hazmat suit lol but i know that’s just me. i’m desperate to see this!

it would’ve been nice if you could’ve talked more about the trailer. you said there were things you didn’t like but you didn’t mention what they were. i get the feeling zendaya was one of those things? just a guess. still a good reaction. i appreciate that you seemed to know what you were looking at. the music was a nod to jodorowski’s dune btw.

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