Dune 2020: Trailer Analysis – Costumes (Atreides, Harkonnen, Corrino) (Part 5)

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Analysis of the Dune 2020 movie’s first trailer.
@Quinn’s Ideas


Greyson Greyhater says:

To each their own. I found the mini-series costumes so laughable that I could only shake my head. And when the feared Sardaukar came prancing in, tears filled my eyes from straight laughter, between groans. In other words, the costume designers should have been tarred and feathered. So thanks, but no thanks, pal. I fully agree with Quinn, who actually knows the source material.

Kharmazov says:

Anyone getting Command & Conquer vibes with the Atredes???

DeCipher says:

I found the costumes in the miniseries a bit tonally distracting. Didn't really seem in place on this dangerous desert wasteland. Different situation to Coruscant and Naboo in the SW prequels.

Mr Parlett says:

This is such a wonderfully well researched, passionate and regretfully underrated channel. Also, Christ, I hope they don’t ape Soldier.

Tim Jacuzzi says:


ArtemisScribe says:

I'm with you on the SyFy series. And I think that a lot of the criticism that comes their way about those costumes really comes down to budget. Because that thing was made on like $17 and whatever loose change they fished out the back of the couch in the production office. But there are moments of real promise like Irulan's chinese style purple robe with the big gold collar that she wears in the Imperial Court and I loved the Catholic Cardinal elements they were picking up on for the Bene Gesserit with the robes and the huge hats. But god its all so fucking cheap. Whereas Phantom Menace had this massive costume budget for Padme. Like Carrie Fisher said "Every time Natalie Portman walked through a door she changed costume" and it was glorious. I really hope we get some bomb ass costumes here cuz I'm basically been coasting on Amidala for the last 20 fuckin years and I need a new Space Fashion icon.

AAJIV says:

Why don't you show any costumes from the 1984 film?

AAJIV says:

The point! Those costumes were a failure of imagination! Just look at the ones in the Lynch film they are a bit ostentatious but looked C-list in design, that looked like low bidder stuff.

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