Dune (2020) Trailer #1 | Denis Villeneuve, Timothée Chalamet

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Presenting the Trailer of Dune (2020)

Based on the revolutionary sci fi epic. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Timothée Chalamet.

This is a fan made trailer made purely for enjoyment and eager anticipation. I do not own the rights to any of the music or visuals.



p s says:

Domn you… Domn you to heck!!!!

ColdFlames Sleep says:

Don´t need to cheat people, kid.

Hitchhiker23 says:

i would love to see J. Goodman as the good old Baron

Eric Gainer says:

Fan made, there is no dune remake coming lol

TheGreatOne says:

Just say "fan-made" u dipshit, instead of being appreciated for your work you now got 3.4K dislikes. congrats, moron.

STIFF Cost says:

I didn’t like any of that!

Gabtube252 says:

Oof we got Jebaited

Tavi Albu says:

fan-made, clickbait!

Elwir Dziendziela says:

Pigshit maked from 1000 movies

Chico Pico says:

Totally fake!

Станислав Садыков says:

Афтар Ёбанный мудак

Common Sense says:

fake bullshit, shitty sound was the first give away

Ludovico Biamonti says:

Pitch-Black, John Carter even The Gladiator ahahaha I'm down bro ahahah

Ron Mosely says:


John Tandyman says:

But nice try dude cheers

John Tandyman says:

Jacurutu!! may your blade chip and shatter and your water spilled on the open graben!!

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