DRIVE Analyzed – Movie Review (SPOILERS)

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Chris Stuckmann gives you his in-depth take on the 2011 film Drive, and shares with you his theories on the many hidden gems in the film.


Steve Igi says:

Excellent film.

daneg007 says:

nicolas winding refn said this is his version of a superhero movie. one of my all-time favorites. i have probably seen it at least 100 times. not kidding.

Bob Kerr says:

You are good at your analysis of films.  Great job.

Kevin Mozulay says:

Drive is, in my opinion, the best movie ever made.

Michael Cardenas says:

One of my favorites!

Jonathan Dean says:

I watched it twice, couldn't stand it. Too many scenes with just starring. I thought the movie froze a few times. I couldn't believe the main character, his relationship with the woman didn't seem realistic with so little conversation between the two.

Bacalhau Spirit Fighting Championship says:

Great analysis! Very detailed, intelligent and well thought. Look closer Chris, Drive is a remake of the western Shane: man with violent past finds family, likes them, tries to change, helps them with problem, kills the bad guys and in the end drives/rides away wounded, and we don't know if he survives or not. I love both movies, excellent stories and genius directing/wrinting.

Alex Huxley says:

This movie plays to people who get it. I saw this movie after a along time one in that world. It is bang on and artfully done.

GackutoG says:

Or simply we didn't like it. Stop saying that people doesn't understand this movie or that one.

Eileen Pizarro says:

Drive is one of my favorite films. It’s just intoxicating. I love everything about it. It’s classic and cult.

Maciano Van der Laan says:

It was a great film.

Refn did some OK stuff afterwards.

But Neon Demon was one of the worst film I've ever seen. Truly disgusting.

keegan1948 says:

Nice breakdown, there were a lot of observations you made that I didn't quite notice the times I watched the film.

Adam Hurst says:

You and I appear to have damn near identical taste in film. The opinions not only of the films such as Prometheus or Drive, an outstanding film rivaled only by it's utterly amazing soundtrack, but of the individual actors and the characters they portrayed. I would be curious as to who you consider to be your favorite actor if choosing one is a possibility.

Simon Wallis says:

Great review,a really great film.

Serpico's Beard says:

One of my favourite movies of the last 10 years, so many beautiful shots and the soundtrack is mesmerizing.
I love big, dumb action movies but i also like movies which require your full attention and want to make you feel something and Drive is one of those movies.
If you go in to a movie like this expecting 10 minute long car chases and explosions then you're in the wrong place.

Croaton says:

one of my favorite movies ever. probably top 10. Glad others also think it was a fantastic movie

Samuel Chen says:

Very well done. Love the review. Drive is easily my personal top ten.

Carlos Arancibia says:

Great movie, i ramdomly went seeing to the theatre thinking ot was an action movie, when Driver goes for a ride with the girl and her boy i realized tha it was something else, then i really estarted enjoying the movie, glad i picked it up, i got to see it in a theatre room only for me (it was like 1.30pm)

Absurdity says:

This is one of the inspirations for Hotline Miami

Steven Mena says:

the shark scene reminded me of finding nemo albert brooks was in.

Alexander Arredondo says:

you should do one on Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Luna Sea says:

Some people just need car chases & explosions rather than substance. Idk how anyone could think this beautiful film lacks action. The amount of action is perfect.

Luna Sea says:

Anyone who loves Drive should read the book. Driver is supposed to be pretty much a sociopath or psychopath.

Paragjyoti Deka says:

Only bad thing about this movie was the naming . It made a lot of "Fast and furious" fans rate low on imdb . This movie deserves a 8.5 imdb.

Cyril Sneer says:

This film is a fucking work of art. 10/10

Dylin Boyce says:

Chris tone down the cringe, all good points but the voice and music. oh my

Vitor Ferreira says:

"É um filme show Rogérinho" Renan

BrotherDanTheMan says:

That Toonami music

Aidan says:

Drive and Shame where the best movies of 2011.

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