Doctor Who SERIES 11 – Comic Con Official Trailer Reaction / Review

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tyrel68 says:

soooo glad i stopped watching midway through the series 10 era but matt smith is still my doctor

Alex Fletcher says:

Clayton Hickman is all over the pictures looking for clues on the Tardis, but given that it seems the sonic is built from scratch, it's a logical assumption that ol' Type 40 is put back together – a good way of avoiding the past, in a way.

LohnS says:

What the hell, I'm keen. And I'm as anti-sjw as it comes. But we will see >D I just want her to be free to let out humour without too many constraints.

suncore598 says:

I think the Tardis will only be out of commission for a few episodes. After that, the Doctor will have it fully functional and ready for off-world travel.

Eleanor Walker 2004 says:

You should watch the chase game show, Bradley Walsh is top class is that

The Doctor Is Dead says:

R.I.P. Doctor Who

Robert Payne says:

Perhaps that scene where The Dr is holding her head in pain is her reaction to all the negative comments on YouTube "It's doing me head in."?   This series is going to be (as the 9th Doctor put it), Fantastic!  I know I must but I really can't wait.

Electerald says:

new tardis was revealed in a promo image, i guess you Americans didn't get the memo

Nerd Chronic says:

The end of series 10, with the regeneration, the Tardis disappears while she's falling. I wonder if this will be a series where somehow The Doctor doesn't have access to the Tardis as easily as before.

Tardis Net says:

I just filmed my own reaction to the trailer if anyone wants to check it out

Bezerina says:

Yay Bradley Walsh!!

Jesse Torres says:

I know it's way to early to ask this, but since Capaldi did a team up with Hartnell's Doctor (portrayed by Bradley), does anyone else wonder if they will do a team up of Whitaker and Troughton's Doctor (portrayed by a similar looking actor)?

Mike Bushnell says:

Not my doctor

ryjinannon says:

I know this isn't fair, but I'm still not on board with this new Doctor. I've just been burned so much lately by my geek fandom's.

Robert Green says:

Oh brilliant! And I also noticed the new intro to your channel guys. You've redecorated, haven't you? I don't like it! (just kidding as you must know, I quite like the new intro and your reactions and… may the stories never end) ;D

William Winters says:

The beginning to an end of a franchise

ShadowCat says:

We’ve had seasons where the Doctor doesn’t travel by Tardis. The Third Doctor was stuck on Earth for quite a while, leaving the Tardis as basically a prop in Unit (hence Bessie, which, sadly, could not travel through space and time, though it was cute as hell), and the Fourth Doctor was getting transmatted (hope I spelled that right) around the universe with Sarah Jane and Harry for a chunk of time when he started.

So there would be precedence for a Doctor not having a Tardis, and even traveling without one.

Sally Roberts says:

I really want to hear her say "I'm the Doctor"

Ade` BIG LAZY WOLF says:

I really hope she keeps the same old manurisms…arrrrgh its not enough lol…yes do more Dr. who pleeeeeeaaaase…Im a very old Dr. Who fan…I used to love watching all the originals on PBS with my dad…ILL BE WAITING 😁😁😁

Noah Giovingo says:

Loved this reaction!

Trekapedia says:

Its almost time!

Arthur M. Tellez says:

you need a new sticker for you lap top to reflect your new logo.

Mark McKeown says:

Hope you both react to the new season again, last year was great!

al patrickson says:

Late to the Party, can u guys react to the just launched trailer for the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 2019 for Disney’s streaming service called Disney Direct:

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