Disney’s Artemis Fowl Teaser Trailer (2019)

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The 12-year-old criminal mastermind makes his debut in the first trailer for Artemis Fowl.

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Joshua Channell says:

I swear Artemis is supposed to be older and isn't he meant to be an anti hero?

Joshua Channell says:

I deserve Artemis is older and is supposed to be a hero

Nibhan Raheem says:

Get ready for disappointment folks

AnthonyP118 says:

Butler is black? I don't think they read the books properly. I mean he is white sure but the name Butler has a very strange origin in the books that makes this choice less PC and more your name is Toby.What else? Is Holly going to be Asian because you have to dig to the other side of the world to find where she lives? Also I'm pretty sure the elf didn't transform back after being intoxicated.

Josh M says:

Why did Disney have to be the one who made this

John Skauge says:

nononono don't ruin one of three book series I read as a kid.
for real though: I'm worried. Don't worry though, I have enough sense to wait til I see it.

sharpaycutie2 says:

Isnt he supposed to be 12? Why does he look 10?

Dante Grim says:

Funny. Me and my gf was talking about if they made this into a movie. Hm..

M to the B says:

At some point Disney can just start printing their own money

Nate W says:

I bet Asa Butterfield would’ve been perfect for the role if he were younger

Kncperseus says:

Why would you change Commander Root to a female elf?? Commander Julia Root, I presume?? -_-

Kamil Soltan says:

I just hope it stays true to the book

Michael Westen says:

this looks dirt cheap

Mora Missa says:

dear disney and marvel are you guys planning to finish off my saving money on 2019?

ChanIsYourMan says:

Came for Disney, stayed for Radiohead.

Jedi_Mindset says:

Spy Kids meets Hell Boy posing as M.I.B

BOIyager says:

Someone sum up the story of Artemis Fowl for me. From what I've heard, the book is great but this looks like straight garbage.

Baraa Rawhy says:

So is this men in black ??

Jesse Szweda says:

Omfg this was announced like 12 years ago now I'm pumped!!!

Dana Ashour says:

It's a famous novel

De Jure Claims says:

He doesn't look sinister enough. This is early in his character arc when he has absolutely no remorse.

kayland payne says:



Looks fowl.

lewis owens says:

Dave Batista would've been great for Butler

okamiman73 says:

I wonder if the director and creators are actually fans of the books and have read them repeatedly like so many of us…it sure doesn’t look like it

Devendra Pisda says:

Crysis has better graphics than this.

the remix gaming says:

so asians can fly?

Lord of Dumb says:

I couls sit here and pick out every little reason why this needs 2 be cancelled immediately but im not going 2 that would take way to much time ive read every book countless times and they should stay as books

Uncle Daddy says:

Wtf is this? I only clicked on it because the boy in the thumbnail looked like the same boy from the Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck. I was like" how did he not age🤔😂😅

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