Diner Encounter Red Band Scene – BRIGHTBURN (2019) Extended Movie CLIP HD

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Movie Clip From Brightburn


James Reacts says:

James Gunn’s fire back at Disney

his dudeness83 says:

If they want to have a suprise twist in this for me, then show us at the end that he wasn't the only one sent to earth, and that there is the possibility of another that can eventually challenge him.

James Reacts says:

Does he not have a weakness?

Mr Godzilla says:

I like how they were being a bit more realistic with the smashing light and the cuts

Avengers Assemble says:

That’s gunna leave a mark

Ella Lynas says:

Brightburn – Full Movie 2019 * t.co/GNBwUxlqW0?kIhk

Bill Shinas says:

What’s his weakness, skim milk?

John Carlo Cesista says:

I haven't watched this movie yet..Can Anyone Explain why the boy attacked the Woman?

L says:

Freddy: Supervillain!!!! Supervillain!!!!!!

PersonaX says:

I'm guessing that the super kid and his parents probably visited the restaurant earlier in the film and this lady was a total bitch to them.


Uggghhhhh creepy

Dr. Phil says:

Bright burn:

Batman: yeah no problem I can fix this issue in 10 minutes

Sgt Andres says:

Wait, this isn't spider man

THX11003 says:

This whole movie is FUCKED UP.

Chyunman 98 says:

You put those children down Superman!

-Cukii__ Pandaa- says:

I think this movie was trash so meaningless, eh.

King Miltonius says:

Save us high council superman!!!

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