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“Black Nerd Comedy” is Nerd & Geek Culture, Pop Culture Entertainment and 80s-90s Retro Nostalgia from Actor, Comedian, Writer and “Black Nerd” Andre Meadows.


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Additional Music by Huey Esquire and Andre Meadows.


Maximus Silva says:

Batman the animated series Rated R

Ink the Inkling says:

I would love to see an R-rated Voltron film.

TBNR Koma says:

R rated Ben 10

Christian Taylor says:

The intro scared me for a second! ? ?????????

Wendy Adams says:

R rated mlp heck yeah.

Tomas Alejandro Meza says:

I can not believe that this episode of laboratory dexter, they were going to transmit it in cartoon network

Aaron K says:

There's an uncensored version of the dexter lab episode

Tommy glover says:

I would like to see an r-rated voltron

Dead Channel says:

I want to see R Rated Thomas And Friends XD

5Nights Fan11 says:

I don't know @90$@ gravity falls

Eric Duarte says:

R-rated Peanuts. (Charlie Brown)

el Z0NY says:

a rated R version of the smurfs

BXD JED says:

I know Dexter lab and I'm a kid

Kevin TV says:

R rated Alvin And The Chipmunks! But wait! Justin Long who plays Alvin in the live action movies is in that movie you were talking about!

Kiera Pluck says:

i want a rated r version of dragon Ball z

1sttobylopez says:

holy crap Andres come a long way, listen to the mouth on him. he's so well-spoken now kudos to him

Fynn the Fox says:

I'd like to see an R-Rated version of Star vs the Forces of Evil

PantherKing 13 says:

R-rated Powerpuff Girls

The Gaming Kid says:

Pokemon 1998

Mico Nuq says:

There's an uncensored version actually.

Dalton Lunday says:

hi im f###ing andre im a f###ing black nerd and im f### F##############?

Chris Campbell says:

I'd like to see an R rated version of the 1980's ninja turtles cartoon

Kevin Is Awesome 2.0 says:

R rated TeenTitansGo

destroyernoah says:

little did Black Nerd know that Movie 43 would end up being known as one of the worst movies of all time.

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