Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles – Official Adventure Mode First Look Trailer (English Dub)

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Watch the latest trailer for fighting game Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles, detailing its Adventure Mode and showcasing the Asakusa arc.

Based on the popular Demon Slayer anime, The Hinokami Chronicles is an arena fighting game developed by CyberConnect2, coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam in North America and Europe on October 15.

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kevan diles says:

Finally, a new ps2 game

phantom says:


Koichi Hirose says:

This feels and looks like persona 5

And the gameplay feels like kingdom hearts

Replica of Expert says:

Can't wait to pirate the game lmao

Rodefn says:

My birthday is 16th of october, lucky this game comes out then

Aku X Dante says:

I’m hyped for this the action in this game will be freat

Sscepti_Boy says:

Bro, Tanjiro and Yahaba gonna do a legit Friday night Funkin' battle

Mr Carr says:

Adventure mode like Naruto storm games

Omegafn__ says:

im sorry but first time hearing muzan dub… ion like it,

SMOJ JOE says:

this ruined my expectations honestly

Arturo Cabral says:

They copycat Naruto

3D Guy says:

Is this a game?

Coley says:

About to buy it when it comes out

Ripley The crazy puppy says:

0:43 : smooth criminal intensifies

Kason says:

The entire anime, but with a controller

Purge says:


Mspi Onage says:

This game has so much potential. Hell yes.

Edwin Ayuso says:

In what mobile/platforms is going to be released to?

Jorge Sosa says:

Idk why anime games always put you as the main character lol. It would be great if they just let you in their world but with your own story and character.

Malcolm Gardner says:

Even the music was dragged over from.the Storm series 😂🤣 damnn

Deo G says:

Sasuke Uchiha. Is going to be DLC right now I'm calling it.

Ultra says:

This gives me some back flashes of DBZ kakarot……

Fiz Fezzy says:

Imagine this was a gacha

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