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DEEPWATER HORIZON MOVIE REVIEW – Mark Whalberg is back and unlike his movies like The Happening, or Planet of the Apes, he is not playing a character that doesn’t suit him. This time we get serious as Whalberg plays Mike Williams, a man involved in the real life story about an offshore drilling rig exploding back in 2010. You may want to see Marky Mark talk to Ted the teddy bear, or hang out with Dwayne The Rock Johnson, but the Double Toasted podcast bring you a review of heart and soul.

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The Movie Review Extravaganza – 9-29-16

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James Roper says:

The difference between Michael Bay explosions, and the explosions in Deepwater Horizon. Is these explosions are realistic. I have friends who work on oil rigs, and they all say that all the shit that happens in this movie. Can really happen, I mean there thousands upon thousands pounds pressure building up to its breaking point. Plus crude oil is highly flammable, even more so than gasoline. So when it blows, it's going to blow, and there will be fiery explosions.

Vincent Ledesma says:

You forgot to mention how bad Kate Hudson was in this movie. Her accent kept going in and out, even in the same scene. That to me made it a matinee.

Enrique Rojas says:

this movie made me uncomfortable in the same way Pain and Gain did. They're trying to glorify two deliberate and outright criminal acts of greed on film. The catastrophe depicted here was a result of multiple branches of government, corporate interests pencil whipping procedures and safety regulations to maximize profits. The employees of Transocean and BP both demonstrated a gross disregard for safety and moderation , and despite the loss of life , it's hard to feel sympathy for the victims of that fireball when you realize that it was all of them, and not some loud mouthed cartoon talking about "scared cats", and their blind arrogance that ignored all the signs that spiraled out of their control. I can't even enjoy this film purely on the spectacle because it's portraying a real, man-made natural catastrophe. it's just gross, no matter how genuinely "country" and red-white-blue hillbilly accents they throw at the screen in the beginning to humanize the story. They're all accountable. From top to bottom, side to side. All of them. I'd love to see a movie about a bunch termites bringing a house down on top of a whole family, while showing acts of termite heroism, and then the termites claiming that the family's habitat has since "bounced back" from trying to revive their dead children and shit. I'd like to see whose side people would be on. Hillbilly termite worker heroes or the collateral.

Brian McMinn says:

I wonder if in a few years these movies will be sold in a 3 pack at wal mart called the Whalberg/Berg terrible events Trilogy

Vincha Maurin says:

2:15 Deepwater Horizon Available NOW (( = = ))

KimmimaruSai says:

Cajun crawfish? Martin plays League of Legends?

Chelsea Winterstein says:

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Eric White says:

united 93 crashed.

ND7652 says:

Odd as these was a BP rig  that exploded in NEARLY THE SAME MANNER . In Uzbekistan

RJ Sunny Sinha says:

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Sabell Mackenzie says:

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Adnan Bbm says:

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Herni Selma says:

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Madcat4301 says:

What impressed me about Deepwater Horizon was it was only one hour forty minutes long and they packed more into it than most 2 hour movies have. It was amazing.

Marcielle Gosselin says:

This is my first time here, great review. You guys are a lot of fun to watch/listen to.

Leony Jesper says:

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V4Vonnie says:

I cannot say enough I love the dynamics of these guys together. It's like talking shit with the fellas but they know how to stay on track with the review. I wonder do they take improv classes or something.

Patrickisstrong Ooo says:

Wait a Michael bay trademark so you mean turtles and explosions


korey goodwin is gay fruity in the booty

joe blow says:

f" Marc Walracist….

Areo Panda says:

Anyone else notice that the editor didn't put the ratings on the cartoon screen like usual?

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