Dear Hollywood – Captain America 3 Vs. Batman v Superman

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A letter I wrote to Marvel Studios regarding their decision to schedule Captain America 3’s release on the same weekend as Warner Brothers’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Haven’t heard back yet.

What topic should I write to Hollywood about next?


boB says:

well this was a pretty pointless video, also could not have been more wrong
also 1:25, m8 robert downey jr is in this movie

Sujith Kumar says:

Well well well let's see the results

Captain America 1


DomzTS says:


Dustin H says:

You'd be right if anyone could make a decent Superman movie.

Danny BlaxonTV says:

How wrong this was

Akira Matsuda says:

Oh this video did not age well, and i'm being kind lol

PopsicleIncorporated says:

You know, he's not wrong about the Spider-Man bit.

Icecube88 says:

justice league didn't even beat doctor strange. dc let marvels b team demolish them.

Jacob Kruger says:

Member when Jeremy thought BVS was going to beat CapAmer3? Ooo ooo I member I member!!!

Raphael Calado says:

Funniest video ever !!

ETC Heid's School Of Musical Arts says:


SilverSmoke says:

I guess I'm like the only human on the planet who likes BvS more than civil war. Civil war was so bland and uninteresting. While BvS was cultured and and made you think.

Ron says:

We All know how this ended

ramboraph4life says:

You mean the same Captain America 3 which made more money, had a bigger opening box office weekend, a tremendous amount of 'better' critical reviews, and was extremely more successful than BVS?

"What topic should I write to Hollywood about next?*

Your resignation.

You & CinemaSins need to quit. Skedaddle. Leave. Get out of dodge. Sayonara. "Hey, Hey, Hey…GooooodBye."

Koman Santos says:

But cival war did have Spiderman, and was genuinely better

Amey Gupta says:

"Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong."

Chris Vickers-Rynecki says:

And then, Captain America 3 became the highest grossing film of 2016, while Batman v Superman was #7.

AND Spider-Man was in Cap 3.

Howard Beale says:

So THIS is why BvS sucked! You jinxed it! DC let Zack Snyder do his thing, and Marvel went out and got Spider-man.

GreasyDogTV a says:

wow, this is…… awkard

David Crownson says:

Little did he know that… ??

ril luma says:

Have you lost your mind`?

Oddball says:

Jeremy my good man, you need to revisit this video. Do an updated op-ed.

vamshi aruru says:


Sigma Wolfe says:

Anyone else watching after he was dead wrong

brandon greenhough says:

Fucked this one up didn't You? Like with mission impossible where you ask for an explanation to a scene then sin a cut down version of the explanation

Aelly Alwardi says:

This is just weird to watch now

4bs_ben says:

Everyone’s laughing at this hilariously inaccurate call in hindsight, but aside from that: I’m much more impressed he predicted Spidey’s role in Civil War and, much later down the line, DISNEY’S ACQUISITION OF FOX’S SUPERHERO PROPERTIES (the X-Men)! Jeremy foreshadowed Marvel’s two biggest property grabs years before they happened…

ImmaChiaotzu1 says:

Now the same shit is happening again.
A movie with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (the best DCEU character), the fish man and the fast one. These are A list superheroes everyone knows about. The first ever superheroes.
Yet a D lister like Doctor Strange is going to beat them all world wide. Or if you want a recent and similar release schedule a C lister like Thor has beaten the holy trinity of superheroes.

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