David Bowie “Stardust” Trailer REACTION

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Oh god oh Jesus the trailer was released



Anteroization says:

the ziggy wig , was the cheapest prop I have ever seen, the shoes cost more than the wig workmanship.

Danjoker says:

One word. Garbage

Alysia Mer David-Wasser says:

"My favorite part was.."
SAME. Tbf, this looked better than I expected, and I think(?) your favorite part, (where you smiled) was where I did. When the inspirational music kicked in cued us to be happy that David DIDN'T die to madness. Unfortunately, the rest is lost with this actor who doesn't even MOVE, or Sound like Bowie. (Rami Malek didn't look much like Freddie, but he moved like him & an actor who portrayed Bowie in "Vinyl" also SPOKE like Bowie.) This is just a no for me.

Skywalker says:

ı am a david bowie fan. and bowie dont a biopic about him. So, family didnt want to. But they still make this shit garbage movie. It is just awful and disgusting. Character doesnt look like him,voice doesnt sounds like him… Just… 2:13… just…

Chris Meadows says:

"When's it coming out?"

Idk, but I hope Covid gets me before I have to live in a world with this film.

thevoid99 says:

it was fucking shit. no wonder his estate said no and refused permission to use the music.

Gavin Henderson says:

It looks shit.

Gerr smit says:


Ortrist says:

I’m confused as to why Space oddity was mentioned at 0:42

Angelina Stambouli says:

angry bowie stans are typing…

Danny Krastek says:

What were your thoughts on the trailer? Personally I’m very excited for the biopic on my favorite singer, Bavid Dowie. Man oh man, he’s got some classic hits. Think “Japanese Man” or “Star Curio” or “Space Ranger” it’s a good thing that they decided to use Dowies music in the film.

In other news, the Bowie movie looks like garbage

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