Cuba Gooding Jr. Wins Supporting Actor: 1997 Oscars

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Cuba Gooding Jr. wins the Oscar for Supporting Actor for Jerry Maguire at the 69th Annual Academy Awards. Mira Sorvino presents the award.

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jason carroll says:

Show Me The Money

Dean Anderson says:

So adorable just want to pinch his cheeks and give him a hug

Kalem Babar says:

I think the music thingy sucks. You do the show once a year. Let the winner speak their minds.

David Norris says:

You bettah do eeeit

Notreally Afan says:

Graham Norton…just checking out

Lexicon Prime says:

Leo could have talked for 20 minutes and they wouldn't have put the music on. Radio here had 10 seconds lol. God this was awesome though!

Jay C says:

When they only gave the black people like 15 seconds to talk.

Forlanista YoBitcTh! says:

Maldita sea cocinero! Mueve el culo, quiero mis 12!
Vaya fenómeno!

David says:

How come Will Smith looks the same today that 20 years ago?

J P says:


nuno gomes says:

beste speech ever

Bobby S. says:

I Love Black People!!!!!!!

Rick Grewal says:

steve martin 1:39 is everyone getting up, ah fuck i have to get up

The Mouse says:

I love you! one of the best

Waldemar Morales says:

For what movie James Woods was nominated?

Pramod Shetty says:

when he says tom cruise 1:10 the speech intensity amplifies like magic

Pramod Shetty says:

1:32 woody harrelsen was the first to stand

Mitochondria says:

This was the best 🙂

Randy Brewton says:

Dennis Rodman ?

49DRmc says:

Show me the Oscar!

Dhruvit Patel says:

Best acceptance speech. Gotta love Woody Harrelson's reaction though lol

herocanbeanyone says:

1:44 i thought big George standed to go there and kick him off the stage…

Adam Dow says:

Cuba's performance was way better than Cruise's.

Jairo Perez says:

"Hitler i love you; jar jar binks i love you, charles manson i love you, massive extintion meteorite i love you"

Mario Gomez says:

Cuba gooding junior is one of my favorite actors I am doctor cuban and like your movies

lillian barnes says:

Wow…guess I'd better watch Jerry Macquire.

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