CRAWL Official Trailer (2019) Kaya Scodelario, Horror Movie HD

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CRAWL Official Trailer (2019) Kaya Scodelario, Horror Movie HD

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A young woman, while attempting to save her father during a Catagory 5 hurricane, finds herself trapped in a flooding house and must fight for her life against alligators.

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Jake La Londe says:

A croc bites off her hand. Now who does that sound like? *Tick Tock, Tick Tock*

Stephanie Zearing says:

The release date is July 12th….

That's my birthday-

Jeus Barnabas says:

is there two of the giant crocodiles? Edit: oops I’m very dum and thought it’s called crocodile

DOGETHESUPER The best says:

Is the next movie walk?

Samuel Grimaldo says:

I’m going to see the movie because I love horror movies I think it’s going to be my best movie in my hole life

Fernando Rojas says:

I can’t wait to see this🤣

Toasty Rex says:

2012 – old man with an axe

2019 – a oversized alligator

Toasty Rex says:

She died 6 times…. The dog better be alive. if she has 10 lives then the dog must have 30 lives

WildBuni says:

yes we stan effy stonem

Jay Fa says:

Father: Lake Placid + Mother: Deep Blue Sea = Crawl

Mac Mooney says:

1:511:521:53 house filling up with water

ballztodawallz420.20 says:

This looks pretty good.. hope to fuck they havent shown everything in the trailer🤞

Gabryele Renee says:

As someone who actually went through the cat 5 hurricane in Florida idk how I feel about this..

James May's Flying Washing Machine says:

Watch out fo dem big ol’ gaters, now!


Amazing work sam

ying yang says:

To those who say the trailer doesn't show much
-we see one of the rescue die trying to save her
-they are calling for help multiple times which means all others fail
-we see her loosing her hand
-we know her leg is wounded
-the scene in the bathroom is probably awesome in the movie but they decided to show us in the trailer
-we know the gator had eggs and they hatched
I think I made my point

Florida Fishing says:

Florida does look like that And do they know what a gator sounds like?

Infamous TEK9INE says:

Can’t wait for the sequel-WALK

RocketRollit says:

Well I'm officially never going to Florida now

Chronic_Breakdown says:

This actually looks pretty cool.

Alicia Fell says:

That dog better survive and be the hero.

Alejandro Del Real Lopez says:

These alligators are looking for Gatorade

THX11003 says:

I want to see this. Even if it's cliched.

sicklygreyfoot says:

Cheesy stupid fun. I'll take it.

Ronald Guzman says:

Pray for florida they have a lot of hurricanes🙏

Jhonathan Martins says:

It reminded me of the Australian film bait only that they exchanged the sharks for crocodiles kkkkkk


Did a reaction to this on my channel y’all go check it out!!!😇

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