Couch Tomato Channel Trailer

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Super KJ says:

You sound just like Dashie.

Tirzah Adcock says:

Please do 24 reasons Spy Kids 3D and Labyrinth are the same! Seriously, I found nearly 30 reasons!

jacanda2001 says:

you should do Forrest Gump and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

HmatMotu says:

Haven't managed to prove it to me yet.

Mike Ock says:

Can you please reply to my comment?

Lieke smats says:

OMG this is so fetch

mitch-bittens says:

Seeing as the other comments skipped it, if I comment "first" do I get a special prize?

Akshay Changaroth says:

Wow. Awesome trailer.

Vodid says:

Hooray! 🙂

People make such a big deal that they commented first, second, third or whatevs. I don't. I'm just happy to be able to post without having to read overflowing comments XD

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