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Check out the official Copshop Trailer starring Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: September 17, 2021
Starring: Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, Alexis Louder
Directed By: Joe Carnahan
Synopsis: A con artist decides to hide from an assassin inside a small-town police station. When the hit man turns up at the precinct, an unsuspecting rookie cop finds herself caught in the crosshairs.

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Mokgaetsi Lamola says:

14 seconds in n I know I'm sold💃🏿

mpbirk says:

Pointless and unwatchable 🥴

C. M. says:

That new cute black actress girl definitely did a great job in this her first movie!! 😄

Ronin says:

Let's hope Frank Grillo doesn't become the next Mickey Rourke ! Frank- Divorced / Mickey- Divorced Frank – Boxer / Mickey- Boxer Frank- Tough guy persona / Mickey- Tough guy persona
See where I'm going here ?

Cash Science says:

0:50… smh… There's no way she could react quickly enough, if he decided to redirect the weapon with his left hand, and disarm her. Who did they hire as technical advisors for this movie???

BiG BeAR says:

It was alright. Really hate these 100lb chicks in roles that are obviously male roles, and they just sub in a skinny chick for all the woke reasons. It ruins the experience of the movie and adds absolutely nothing to the story…so annoying. Thank god I didn’t pay to watch this, and watched it for free.

Abdulmohsen Asiri says:

goddamn they put the whole movie in this trailer, gives away too much

palash bawankar says:

don't miss this !! movie is freaking awesome

Chris Render says:

Another Hollywood try to make the woman the alpha yet again in real life she would of failed

Kelvin Feliciano says:

This movie was trash 🗑️


Sunday afternoon . I had a choice watch Denis’s- DUNE or Gerard’s COP SHOP …..
without a doubt …. THIS FILM (COP SHOP) is like the African American / female DIE HARD of 2021. Alexis Louder as Valerie. Butler & Dir Joe Carnahan with screenplay by Kurt McLeod & Joe Carnahan make this action packed Sunday matinee the best thing on 4 wheels to roll out of post Covid 19 in years. It’ll keep you strapped in from the first to last frame. 10/10 for this GEM. It’s like Midnight Run meets John Wick with a Magnum Force opening soundtrack (TRUE) How they got that track from it’ composer Lalo Schifrin is beyond me but it bloody well works a total treat. As for DUNE …. BORING started watching- 3 min in got sick of Game Of Thrones / Star Wars blather…. Dialogue that goes ‘They ravaged our lands for SPICES’ ???? Really! What a joke. Butler & his crew really won the day with COP SHOP. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🎥🎥

parvin pal says:

End of the movie was like wtf????? I love Frank Grillo but why the bad guy and in his 50s that guy looks dam hot. I can see myself and Frank Grillo having a nice pasta dinner


Shia LaBeouf finally grew a full beard,good for him 👍.

mstr wul1 says:

OK but not gripping viewing. But will bring in a profit. Seems to be the thing with Hollywood nowadays making no bad movies but as long as they make a profit. The old times of great movies is gone I think.

Anthony Chobot does pop cultures and openings says:

I thought this movie was boring but the last five minutes was awesome

Roderick Wade says:

Alexis louder was amazzziiiiing in this movie

connie crowe says:

The chief cop who is supposed to be the shining example for his subordinates has the most vile and filthy mouth. Just ruined the movie. Actually, everyone just had a foul mouth, what a waste of money.

Harchi Ossama says:

wack movies left and right, can't enjoy a decent movie anywhere, let me get to the 80's 90's movies, see ya

asal Ahmed says:

Such amazing movie

Ricardo Almeida says:

Saw it. Good action flick.

CNGY says:

great movie

Zoe Z says:

I would watch this if there wasnt a dominate cocky blk female cop

Jover de castro says:

This movie is good when you dont watch the trailer~`~

Ray Harvey says:

This movie looks like crap…I'd rather watch a 3rd 300 movie.

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