Cool Cat Learns Fair Use

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CrasherX 2000 says:

I felt so bad for you that Derek dragged you into this situation

Chef Ness says:

Ignorent of thu lawl is nat in asscuse

NotHere says:

Derek sounds like Zorg from Fifth element

Jody Bruchon says:

It is still hard to watch this video, Adum. You did a fantastic job of thoroughly debunking Derek Savage's claims…but when Derek talks it so very heavily hurts my brain to listen. I lost weight from the repeat cringing.

nice aname hsif says:

Your a fucking cunt you shit.making ihe take down "copyright" films and the attack of the jurassic shark

Ryan Silva says:


S E says:

Videos like this and content cop convince me that there is hope for effective critical discourse. I'm just genuninely happy this has almost 2 million views. I have no joke, I guess.

Wait, I do. Derek Savage's career!

I'll see myself out.

Pure Rebel says:

Yms looks like what's his name from Rush, they're both Canadian and have long black hair

pidgeons of war says:

I'm pretty sure that Cool Cat isn't the one who needs to learn fair use….

bendubu says:

How’d you stay so calm and polite?
I’d would have had to mention the fact he looks like he is about to burst into floods of tears at any minute remembering some horrible childhood bullying. Poor guy is just too dim to see what’s going on.


this whole thing isn't about cool cat, its about daddy Derek

Cheeky Monkey says:

Cool cat is a pussy.

not your damn business says:

to whom the fuck is Savage even talking to?
he speaks like he is talking to little children, who i assume dont give the slightest fuck about copyright laws.

thedogman142 says:

Derek Savage's narcissism reminds me of obnoxious professional-gamers that throw their superior skill around like they own the world. Like at least be a little modest about your achievements.

Suzanne Miller-Korstanje says:

Derek stayed lol instead of law !

Carter Maydian says:

Ignorant of the law is not an excues

William Abogado says:

I Think The Reason Why Daddy Derek Or Derek Savage Filed Strikes To All Youtubers Who Reviewed The Cool Cat Movie In Negative Style… Is Because He Didn't Want To Be Embarassed In The Eyes Of Every People Like Her Friends And Family. He Falsely Use The How Copyrights And Fair Use Work To Atleast Protect His Identity From Embarassment. He Didn't Want To Be Embarassed By The Eyes Of People Because Of His (*censored*) movie. Because Of His Action, He Is Now Gone Frickin Embarassed By The Eyes Of People Because Of What He Did To Other Youtubers Who Reviewed It And Had A Fair Use In The Material…

Tunaep says:

You heard it here folks, Daddy Derek says; "Ignorant of the lawl is not an eschuse"

Masked_Katz says:

8:40 this is when I looked at camera to the side

Captain TRXT64 says:

I've got a hundred designs, but the Cool Cat shirt ain't one! Seriously, what's wrong with Derek Savage?!

Next week : Cool Cat learns how to become a mental politician!

Nobody in Particular says:

I’ll attack his character.

Fuck this gray-haired republican. I hope he chokes on a cheeseburger.

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