Come Play with us Trailer| Coming October,29-30th,2020| It’s a Halloween special as you can see!

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Hello my little Wolf Oreos hope you liked this trailer! Make sure to subscribe and turn on that notification bell! Like this video to show this channel some more love! Comment below what you will be for Halloween if it’s not cancelled and if it is what will you do instead of trick or treating for Halloween? If you comment ANYTHING or something nice you will probably be one of the lucky 4 person subscriber or fan I shout out! Bye my little wolf Oreos!



MTube 2008 says:


Lorena Romero says:

Will you make more videos like this one?

Wolfie_ChanOreo says:

This will take some time to make so If I am a little behind schedule for uploading I am trying to make this horror mini movie TwT so ya! I hope you guys are having a great day or night! Love you guys stay safe!

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