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Brad reviews the new horror film Come Play, which is in theaters now!

The film is written and directed by Jacob Chase and stars Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr., Azhy Robertson and Winslow Fegley.

Come Play follows the parents of an elementary school student with autism as they try to protect their young son from getting abducted by Larry, a villainous humanoid creature that preys on the innocence of children.


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Shinrai LP says:

So, a modern Horror movie that involves technology AND Children that is actually GOOD? Either this director is really REALLY good or Brad filmed a Brad Tries before that and had another 30 year old something.

Joseph Rodriguez Jr. says:

Even though Larry The Monster is a fictional character, I still don't want to meet that guy.

Adamant Forge says:

Movies like this show a potentially crap concept can be effectively done while Michael Bay and Adam Sandler still get backers for their latest phoned in project.

Tristin Severin says:

does this larry reminds anyone of a slim tall white face creature in the forest

Lee Jones says:

Our cinemas are closed in the UK

William Duran says:

Anyone else get the Babadook videos from this movie??

Big Duke says:

Anybody who says "white autistic boy" has become a standard in American cinema is a crazy alarmist with absolutely no evidence to back it up.

CommanderZx2 says:

I'm a bit puzzled, there's clips in there of the monster in a physical form that looks sort of like a necromorph, so what is all of the electricity shenanigans about?

Andrew Orders says:

The kids are better actors then the adults, LMAO

Andrew Orders says:

2:07 Tables are electrical devices?

Andrew Orders says:

Wow, a modern horror movie about technology that doesn’t suck!

Joseph Mayfield says:

I have a hard time getting afraid when modern tech is used as a plot device.
I’m also just really unimpressed by cgi anything at this point.
I’ll give it a shot though.

Bryan Correll says:

Cheesy and sweet? Like cheesecake? I love cheesecake!

xXOpticBeefXx says:

Honestly, saw the poster in your review and decided to watch it before I watched this. I liked the use of the phone's camera and filters for the scares. It didn't feel silly, which oftentimes it does. It actually added to the creepiness and suspense. I don't dig the ending, ye, it's too cheesy for me. The rest of the movie tho I'll give a 3.75/5 personally.

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