Cocktail Trailer REACTION | Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone

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Here is our reaction to Cocktail!

#Cocktail #Deepika

Here is our reaction to Super 30!

#Super30 #HrithikRoshan


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what other trailers should we react to??

Pratik Patel says:

Watch #Race movie of Saif Ali Khan

Deepak Dev says:

This made me think how things have changed and for good. Today no one can dare to comment about girls clothing forget about making a "hit film".

Prasenjit Sinha says:

Saif Ali khan's mother is a very famous whore of mumbai

Prasenjit Sinha says:

Rick segal is a mother-fuckers and dumbo to boot

Shivani GGG says:

I recommend this movie so fun emotions comedy u guys should watch this n also luv from India ❤️

Orion fx says:

he is romantic comedy guy .. cocktail ,, love aaj kal,, salam namaste,, hum tum.. and many more.. these are the best classy romcom movies of bollywood.. check them out

shadab ahmed says:

Yup thats sartaj…FUN FACT..he is a king here…like a real king with palace and their grandfather ruling part of india😉

Dipangshu Paul says:

You should react on the Song from. Flim cocktail

ssnader a says:

Waste of time movie, one of those where there is no real story and 80 percent of the movie is just flirting, indian public seems to love this type of borefest

Rakesh Kumar says:

guys I want to know what is your opinion on tulsi Babbure presidential candidate. please I am very curious. please reply

Sagnik Chakraborty says:

4:02 dislike

Abhi Saini says:

Saif Ali Khan is an amazing actor ..He actually is a real Prince and he lives in a Palace

Sanjay Rajpurohit says:

Rick's reaction on hearing "cock tale" 😂

Bhavya Kabade says:

Watch Finding Fanny!!!!!

Shivi Sattan says:

this movie was a career turning point for deepika padukone she ruled box office after this😍

Bikram Debnath says:

Saif ali khan is underrated

RAAVAN says:

I like ashley face expression

bloodaxe says:

It is just a romcom bit a fun romcom

taha kapasi says:

Please reaction song charactar dhila hai movie name ready you enjoy this trust me please reaction salman khan

Arunava Bhakta says:

Ashley you may try for Bollywood. You are really sweet. ❤💓

Anand Sharma says:

He is the father of sara ali khan…that girl in ANKHMAREY SONG.

Arun Kumar says:

Dear CSK :


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