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A Star Wars: Clone Wars fan film with nerf guns, aviators, and half done clone trooper armor. All copyright belongs to Lucas Films and anything Star Wars… That means you, Disney. Nonetheless, enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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Bricks & Minifigs 1079 says:

You probably don't know this but Jedi don't wear shades

Tyrell Northcut says:

How could you guys like this it's terrible

redneck soldier95 says:

you shouldve just done a nerf clone thing no stupid jedi thing

New world 2004 says:


Tycen Taylor says:

Was the guy in the paper mask a ARC trooper

Enclave Dave says:

Holy shit this is bad

Alex Alex says:


Captain REX 42 says:

When did Jedi start wearing sunglasses

Slimebow Gaming says:

Is that Danal or a costum clone mask made from a mike cartain

Hol a betűk? says:

you are…haha..noooob

Peter Åberg says:

This video is bad

the clone trooper kid OF THE REPUBLIC! says:

Wait how did they record through the clone trooper mask?!


Where did you buy the blaster of the clon that ciled the sniper?

Daniel Jefferies says:

Fuck it sucks

TK 1599 says:

0:43 this Death scene so dramatic?

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