Cinderella II: Dreams Come True – Disneycember

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Wanna know what happened after Cinderella got married? Neither does anyone else, but here’s a movie about it anyway.

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Behonkiss Videos says:

I eagerly await your thoughts on Cinderella IV: Filing Royal Taxes.

Courtney Shaw says:

Ella is a teenage birch ? like that mack it in 2002 so thay can take Lin woods place her whith this ????????? ……this har ew ???????????

Wendy Domino says:

Cinderella was showing feminine strength in forgiveness of her stepsister and helping raise her up to be her true self, etc.

Wendy Domino says:

I really liked the Anastasia story

Sputterbugz says:

i liked some of the ideas, like anastasia's romance, but they were excuted pretty poorly

SonKevi422 C says:

Cinderella's dresses is really good and the step family looks weird except Anastasia

SonKevi422 C says:

I really love personally Cinderella but this movie has some messed up weird animation part's

Whovian says:

Sounds like Tarzan and Jane.

Amy Smith says:

BTW can I point out little kids are the target market! My siblings and I loved this movie when it came out, just like we loved all the Disney sequels, except Tarzan 2 which sucked.

Amy Smith says:

I love that Anastasia got a redemption story, and that the way she is is all because of the way she was raised. Cinderella is kind and willing to forgive, so that Anastasia can have a chance at love too. What I don;t understand is what happened to the baker in Cinderella 3, he was a great match for Anastasia but all of a sudden it's like she never met him and she's trying to find someone to love her! What's with that?

Shelby Cox says:

I liked the stepsister story it is rushed it probably would be better if it was just that story

lbrowniz says:

Who names their cat Lucifer

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