Chris Rock’s Opening Monologue

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Host Chris Rock at the 88th Oscars® in 2016.

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divaquana says:


Antonio Oakley says:

Wow! !! COONERY AT ITS BEST! !!!! I'm sure the pay was worth you sellin out!

KingConha says:

first world problems right here

Llamaz Snipes says:

“when your grandma busy hanging from a tree” BRO ???

J Soul says:

"Rocky's a science fiction movie" ???

George says:

he is fucking 50 here what the fuck

ExpiredCube says:

I wonder what black people would think if a white presenter had a dig at their race?

utubedano says:

This was intelligent yet still funny. Nice.

Andy B says:

It’s good he spoke on it, make them uncomfortable as much as their racism makes us feel uncomfortable??

ACM- ACM says:

You want to be nominated? Make your own movies! Stop auditioning for characters who are white to begin with and then cry about it later when you are not nominated. Forced diversity is movies and giving them a bad taste. Make an original with a black lead actor and then complain about the Academy awards.

Sniper Nigel. says:

Throwing them 6's

cjaygrove says:

Black people are obsessed with race

Joey Garcia says:

People like this?

emma Woods says:

he is funny and RIGHT- but this was REALLY depressing to watch for a opening monologue!!

White Steve Harvey says:

never again

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