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In the battle between dogs and cats, everybody is a bad boy. Nostalgia Critic looks over the hair raising insanity. It’s time to review Cats and Dogs!
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Murphdog405 says:

4:20 Hiraoki Araki's relationship with dogs in a nutshell

junkyard014 says:

I'm surprised he didn't say anything about the part where the mom walks in on their living room being destroyed and somehow doesn't even notice. Was her peripheral vision jacked up?

Nugget the Cat says:

Why can’t cats be the hero’s

deathxanamon says:

Sequel is better

GameGuru says:

I actually enjoyed this movie as a kid. Even to this day, I still don't mind it that much.

TheFoxGamer says:

This movie is a guilty pleasure

zedracon says:


Raylee R says:

Cat people: "I like dogs too, they can both be nice or mean depending on the animal and how you treat them, you shouldn't make generalizations."

Dog people: "Cats are assholes and evil and useless all they do is lay around and scratch you!!! Cats suck dogs rule! ! Gaaahhhh!!! "

Richard says:

This is one of my most favorite reviews from Nostalgia Critic.

Tim Sawyer says:

"Stand still, I must crush you!" Only good scene in the movie.

Richard Cade says:

9:49 She's trying to make a new horrible horrible sequal.

Chara the Killer says:

For all of you complaining about the movie being one sided the second movie (which I remember watching when I was younger) it reveals that there are good cats and evil dogs, but it focuses on the good cars and dogs

Wesley Parris says:

Any time someone touches the beagle's belly it becomes a female dog.

Karuminu2 says:

If you look carefully, Lou is a female. In both scenes where 'he' gets a belly rub, there is no penis. Lou is a bitch.

TheKingDagon108 says:

21:35 Im sorry Doug but…I laughed


EpicTreyMC says:

Loved this movie as a kid

EpicTreyMC says:

Poor little kitties

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