CASTLE FREAK Trailer (2020) Twisted Thriller Movie HD

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CASTLE FREAK Trailer (2020) Twisted Thriller Movie HD
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Zeeshan Butt says:

Its remake of old movie with same name

MadAboutKing says:

Think I prefer the original 1995 film, with Jeffrey Combs

music man says:

0:33 masonic hand symbol bang on the 33 second of the 33 degree masonic order, this movie looks good

StarSeed says:

Castle Freak is now a Lovecraft movie? The original wasn't.

Uni Uni says:

Reminds me of the Bohemian clan after it adopted catholicism

ali Servan says:

Cheesy, terrible acting, disposable actors, pedestrian direction, low budget, derivative garbage and I am sooo looking forward to it.

Charles Jalius says:

I come for the thumbnail

Kevin Phillips says:

They can't sucker me in with mention of the Necronomicon. So, when does it release? 😉

Robby Hotchkiss says:

Looks Cheesy!!!! Skip….

Santiago Rodriguez Guillen says:

Nice. They reused the new Palpatine.

Boy Thee says:

just from the trailer i can already tell this film is totally pussing out from the original (which was awesome!)

Victor Creed says:

Looks like they changed it up a bit from the orginal.

Brian Graham says:

Looks stupid

Dave Scott says:

Wow, trailer makes it look like complete trash…

USM Nichols says:

Who clicked Bc the
Ik I did.

Gokul Selvam says:

Very horror movie

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