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Check out the new trailer for Castle Freak! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: December 4, 2020
Starring: Jake Horowitz, Emily Sweet, Kika Magalhães
Directed By: Tate Steinsiek
Synopsis: An Albanian castle with bloodthirsty creatures is inherited by a young woman.

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Fernando Hernandez says:

What is this

Taylor Walton says:

Don’t get me wrong it looks good and I will deffo check it out but why do they have to add a cult into it? I feel like that really ruins remakes..

Zin Tun says:

Looks horrible… This is not remake… a pointless reboot.. Original plot is way better…

Gavin Mcelroy says:

This is an outrage!!! Where is Stuart Wellington's well deserved cameo?! Ah well, at least this movie will once and for all prove that the castle freak really DID rip his own ding dong off.

Scott Stuart says:

Bold reimagening is a bit of a stretch, this looks like one of those cheap movies you'd accidentally come across on amazon prime

John Blamm says:

Original is better already

Jason Neil says:

This looks like amateur hour. In every way. From the overly digital look of the movie to the actors who look like walking HEAD SHOTS. It’s just- why? Whyyyyy. 😑😐

Jaden Rials says:

Calling the orginal a "horror classic" is a big stretch also this looks extremely cheap and uninspired

Emo Otaku says:

It doesn't look like it's gonna be as intense or dramatic as the original one (plus Barbra Crampton is just really hot)

RockaRolla Rex says:

I think I like the original story line better. I will miss Jeffery Combs. This movie might have some intense scenes but I bet it wont make people feel even close to as uncomfortable as the original. That movie has some pretty wild parts. I will still watch this though. I hope people go to Shudder and watch the original on The last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs.

echolot says:

they squandered the chance to improve upon an unknown property.


they have the 1995 film on tubi for free

New Age Horror says:

It's actually a classic horror movie looks great.

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