Casper Meets Wendy (full movie)

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This movie is about a witch that meets ghost and you can see whats gonna happen next!!

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pkj77 says:

Casper The Friendly Ghost ( 1995) was great , juat now watched " Casper: A Spirited Beginning " ( 1997 ) never knew it was around i liked it, this one so far seems borring….i loved the cartoons as a kid thoughwell it was just okay liked the other two

Marcin Bohdziewicz says:

And to think Hillary Duff was only 10 back then…

jacookieville5 jacookieville5 says:

I love this movie how still watch this 2018

Sammy Westenberger says:

Casper Meets Wendy Music Composed & Conducted By UDI HARPAZ

Cheery Williams says:

I love this

Johnny Green says:

Was my shape going up I don't know what happened to all my old VHS tape

nitroblack79 says:

Movie starts 2:57

Five Night's at Freddy's says:

fuck that name Wendy only a stupid whore can be named fucking Wendy

ThePoreproductions says:

from 1:18:27 to 1:22:50, WHERE'S HARRY POTTER WHEN YOU NEED HIM???!!!

Alex Garza-ramirez says:

I guess Casper meets Wendy is now on ion television. Right? ?

Calvin Richard says:

so hillary duff is still a baby, and that josh kid that talks to her after they all change their clothes is the blue ranger from power rangers turbo, im so old rn.

jennifer solomon says:

I love this ??

ayanna gochingo says:

It was cool

Araceli Mena says:

Caspar is a player???

Jeffrey Williams says:

1:21:06 fanny you are not repulsive you are beautiful and hot

abdul Ghani gaming says:

hey josh is the power ranger turbo

Brianne Lee says:

Everybody is saying that they had a crush on casper as a kid but being a gay kid i had a crush on the blonde aunt growing up ??

Rae luther says:

Hillary Duff has 2 Cinderella stories… just one with a dead boy

Matteo Vitacco says:

I could amagin Desmond seeing that part of Wendy tripping Josh then Desmond would probley save josh lol

Hailey E.M. Hamato ヘイリ says:

I didn't think ghosts could get sunburn. They have no skin

Sarah Lacomb says:

Anyone else ? this in October 2017

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