Captain America: Civil War Spoilers Review

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Mark Ellis, Kristian Harloff, John Campea, Jon Schnepp and Dennis Tzeng do a SPOILER-heavy review of Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War!

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Mark Peters says:

I have a hard time rating this awesome movie between 4 1/2 stars out 5 and 5 Stars out of 5. It’s my 3rd favorite super hero movie of 2016 behind Batman V Superman and X-men Apocalypse. Truly a great time to be a super hero fan 🙂

Jacob Morales says:

Dcu villians fight for 10 minutes and are defeated easily at least have the climax down 1st.

Roei Potash AKA Poihpio says:

My MCU top 3:
3. Age of Ultron
2. Civil War
1. The Avengers

OneNutMIA says:

Has Dennis Tzeng ever watched a movie and NOT said as a negative that the "CG could have used more work?"


How did tony stark know captain America was at the airport

Phillip Carbin says:

What do you guys think about what happen to Rhodes and how Vision accidentally hit him while trying to take out Sam Wilson aka Falcon?

Camo1998 says:

I honestly still don't get the hate for Zemo. I honestly felt like he's one of the better MCU movies villains.

Pi VN says:

BvS get so many crap because a lot of people don't get the story. People understand why Iron man changes because he experienced some things. But Batman fighting his whole life criminals and at the end of him being Batman maybe thinking killing criminals is a better way to stop them instead of the corrupt Gothams justice system, that nobody understands?

I bet there is no one that can explain why the superheroes fight eachother! They have batteld together against aliens, but instead of talking they fight because….Cap and Iron wants that? To me it sounds like the perfect moment for an intervention, only that wouldn't be fun.

Bryan D. Wolfe says:

I am thankful that Zemo didn't wear that purple outfit, you have to admit, that outfit in the comics looks like he's going to a Hamburger Mary's Show!!!

Gavin Kinley says:


HoloAllTheThings! says:

1: CA:WS
2: The Avengers
3: CA:CW

LightBrightSZ says:

My thoughts on Civil War/BvS: for this Cap film I give it a 5.8 – gonna watch this many times for sure, very similar to BvS (my score of 5.6) but fun. They are both very entertaining and enjoyable for me, good pop-corn movies but nothing epic.

So finally got around to seeing this film. Amazing action sequences, great enjoyment and fun. BvS's last action sequence cannot touch the last sequence in this movie. However, it's not the great emotional underpinning of a film these guys think it to be (at least in my opinion). The emotional tones are like sub-heading with summery, very much like BvS. You get a summary of emotion you are meant to feel, then an action sequence, so on and so on. Something the first Avengers did so well, the story in that movie were smaller but far richer with depth. BvS and Civil War was broad but thin in weight I would say. If anything Kudos to Zack Snyder in catching up with emotional stake with two DC movies.

I should note: BvS got the music scores on lock down!! the tone isn't actually bad in DC, it's their editing that's letting them down. Also Zack does slower paced movies, in that case he needs to deal with smaller story lines.

Al's Variety says:

I finally saw the movie on Netflix. This movie was an absolute masterpiece. I really love the heck out of the film. It's an A+ for me.

tyrone Powell says:


Hungry Hungry Hobo says:

Something subtle about Tony in this movie is his feeling of loss. He said him and Piper were on a break, the grieving over his parent's death, and now The Avengers are divided. He's desperate to keep it together because it's all he has now.

dominic labriola says:

Baron Zemo was the best villain in MCU history imo.

Dandre Lewis says:

I was sympathetic 2 Baron Von Zero's Character. I agree with Tony.

Dandre Lewis says:

Good Sh!t..

Bisexual Trash says:

Seriously, no one has a problem with the "romance" between Steve and Sharon? That, to me, was the biggest flaw of the entire movie. It took away so much from Sharon's character by turning her into a generic love interest, and it made Steve look like the biggest asshole ever, because Peggy literally just died (is her body even cold yet?!), and Steve's already snogging her niece! Also, he chose to kiss her after she'd done everything she could do for him, he did it after she'd given them their gear back and then he ditched her for Bucky and didn't even contact her to tell her he was ok in the end. Plus the fact that there was literally no buildup whatsoever and they had absolutely zero chemistry. I mean, they've met like what, 5 times?

And all of this is without even mentioning the fact that he could have been her friggin' uncle if he hadn't been frozen! That's so incredibly creepy and uncomfortable that I can't even put it into words. The movie would have been so much better off if they just dropped the entire "romantic" element and just had Sharon be his ally and nothing more. Straight relationships have become so ridiculously cheap in movies at this point that it's fucking tragic, and this is one of the best examples of it. Just because you have an attractive guy and an attractive girl on screen together that does not mean they have to kiss or get together. They can be allies or friends too. It says a lot when Steve has more romantic potential with at least 3 of the other (male) characters in the movie than what he does with Sharon…

Zzz Zzz says:

one of the worst movies ever

Roger Gregory says:

Zemo is under-appreciated. He's the only villain who actually wins. This story only works with Zemo in it, how can they shit all over him? And to top it all, he was just an ordinary man, and he destroyed the Avengers. Come on. Zemo is a great villain.

Sam Henri says:

Dude, the entire "Mad Mad: Fury Road" movie is the greatest action movie "scene" ever filmed. Civil War was fantastic but I doubt anything in the next 50 years will even come close to the nail biting insanity of that movie's action, pun intended.

supbrotv says:

Weather you like zemo or not, he is the only marvel villain who completed his mission. He set out to break the avengers and he broke the fucking avengers.

Tune & Vlog says:

after Loki zimo is the best villain in MCU an after joker and Loki the best villain in comic movie,you gays did that wrong man

CBM Net says:

im cap forever

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