“Captain America: Civil War” Movie Review (Clip)

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Captain America: Civil War Movie Review clip from #cinematiclivesmatter podcast. I thought the movie was a good film, but think we’re in a day and age where no matter how good or bad a Marvel film is, the critics will give it a 90% or higher on Rotten Tomatoes.

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safik safik says:

safik safik

LJ Garrett says:

This nigga said this movie was click bait LMFAO. I'm so fucking weak

Daniel S says:

Good job with your argument Couch and Team. I believe in an agrument this well-structured and developed. Thank you for sharing ?? Keep working hard, please

cavius hale says:

I hope the captain american and bvs come out on dvd or blu ray

Burning Blaze says:

Did you watch it now?

Aidan Aquilina says:

i think this film got such a high rating just because it was compared to films like batman v superman or fantastic four which set the bar really low for this film. The action looked terrible and I honestly felt nauseous whilst watching the throw downs (the staircase fight of rogers and barns vs the police and all hand to hand combat). The cgi really stood out also and looked weird just because so much of it was shot on film (ant-man when he went big, spiderman and black panther).

IDont HaveOne says:

Holy crap this guy sucks :/ and he said Tonys his favorite character maybe hes just mad Tony got his ass kicked.

Gilbert Morvles says:

You say it like if you were right about everything you said but you're not because you're talking about your opinion, I have my own opinion.

It doesn't mean you are correct or that I'm correct.

Also this review sucks ass, you didn't really explained correctly all the reason why the movie has flaws or anything like that, you were sounding angry the whole video lol

tyler fermin says:

COUCH TOMATO YOUR FUCKING BIASED DC FUCK BOY. I'm sorry I really needed that after your bullshit.

youthnando91 says:

sheesh both DC and Marvel fanboys are so ridicolus. Look at the thunbs down. both movies have flaw and both are fucking boring.

These fanboys are the new Twilight fandom..

Punxsu says:

totally agree

Quixon Quincy says:

It really seems like you were upset that Batman v Superman was rated so low and Civil War wasn't. I may have to listen to the entire podcast but to say the script was trash, the dialogue was a step back from one liner Whedon, and the ACTION was a step back from Winter Soldier is egregious. Your opinion is your own but you complained more about the "unfair treatment" of Bats v Supes than you did making your case for Civil War being less than it was rated

Tempest1352 says:

I thought they handled doubts excellently, when they mentioned perspective.
As soon as you think that the people needing the accord are stupid, they rectify this immediately by mentioning why they think so 🙂

Brynjar Reynisson says:

Dude you can hate the movie all you want but dont insult people for liking it. I am disappointed in you couch tomato.

ERBOCH says:

That's true, no one touched on the fact that most of those lives were lost because of the villains, the secretary asshole guy told them "look what you've done", and showed the giant snake alien thing going through like eight buildings.

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