Cancelled BATMAN V SUPERMAN Original Script (Batman VS Superman 2004)

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An animation courtesy of Sean Willet (, @filmyguy) covering the cancelled version of Batman V Superman from 2003 (then called Batman VS Superman). This film has a lot of similar elements from Dawn Of Justice including Lex Luthor creating a crazy complicated plot to get Batman and Superman to fight.

Also there’s clones and stolen kryptonite, a marriage, a poison bee, The Joker and Lex Luthor in a mech suit. Could this version be better than the version we got? Who’s to say. Maybe you I guess I dunno.

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ArkhmInmate0801 says:

This is the best thing I've ever seen.

AspyHC says:

I mean with some work shopping, this could honestly be a great movie.

LiamRegent says:

5:05 That’s essentially Lex Luthor’s plan in BvS, damn it

The prime Master03 says:

5:15 top 10 anime battles

The prime Master03 says:

The only reason we think this movie would be better cause the videos better we dont really know how this would go

Chris Pluma says:

Could have been better than the dawn of Justice one

Skull101ify says:


marvel something says:

04:46 he figured out that Batman was Mr Bean

John Smith says:

The Frank Miller Comic inspired this, the animated movie and BvS. The problem is they each muddled it up, with the animated movie staying closer to the original cannon. In this, they kept the cloning (changed the target though) and the way/when/where they clash as well as the older Batman. The problem with BvS is that it continued on this path of dillution, but then mixed it with a totally diff universe. What's the one thing the original story doesn't cover? How Bats and Supes relationship returns to good so they can work together – Miller didn't add this because in his universe Bats is supposedly dead and there is no JL. The entire story makes working together again impossible, but then BvS goes and does exactly this… reducing the stakes and how serious it was in the first place as well as coming up with a daft reason – Martha? Really? This whole story is odd and different from normal comics since most people are past their peak, it's a bit depressing, batman isn't an accurate version etc. This version, an odd, unusual, older and inaccurate Batman SHOULD NOT have been chosen to represent him in what will be his most recognisable role. They smashed together a diluted, compromised version of an, albeit great, unusually depressing story with the universe of a superman who is already depressing. I think without Flash and especially Wonder Woman we'd be reading suicide report rates from BvS viewings when it came out.

deadstrider says:

I love this fucking animation so much seriously it was more entertaining than the actual BvS

Erudito otidurE says:

still better than the actual movie

Evan Lafferty says:

Hey please do the other cancelled comic book movies!

tom garton says:

probably better than the shit we actually got.

DaBomb8493 says:

I can't believe this is somehow worse than the version we actually got.

Paul Hoffman says:

That script is better than than the one in 2016!!!!

Skull101ify says:

Can you do one for Justice League Mortal?

Reece Kruse says:

Mr Sunday Movies, in the video you say the script is from 2002. Then the script you're holding says 2003. And then the title says it's from 2004.

Random question… what year was this script from?

Darth Vader Plays says:

The animation is the best part

TheBadcop69 says:

I've got the better senerio. Lex luther clones superman…ads in a little of his own dna as well right. Then the clone superman looks nothing like superman and tries to beat up superman using the power of the sun and for an added twist cloned superman has gene hackman's voice. Boom million dollar idea right there.

youhartley says:

they punch for a bit

Charles Pleb says:

This is actually not that bad but would need work and I would prefer this version then the one that came out

Master Oogway says:

This script is much better actually than what we got. Also now I want a rock em' sock em' batman and superman toy, because that's what their punching in this reminded me of.

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