Call Of Duty Origins Intro Cinematic Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

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I got bored and made this lol enjoy and make sure to subscribe


Lorena Alexandra Martínez Silva says:

prefiero alcatraz #putopanzer

Shsjdhdjdic says:

1:19 when the players got out of the cutscene after that it was the ai

twice thesaint says:

believer by imagine dragons would go better with orgins

Xxrotwieler Xx says:

Best song ever made

XLR8 brand says:

so still goood

Dixie Puleo says:

its only the trailer plus a song

Angel Palacios says:

it's been the most cool video I've seen

Hashim David says:

OH MY WOWZER! this song is + this game equals total awesomeness!!!!!

Cool 9000 says:


Chandler Goffard says:

love this song so much

Jordan Johnston says:

cool vid keep the good work up well more like keep the good music up lol

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