Buzz Lightyear of Star Command – Disneycember

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Buzz stars in his own movie, kick starting his show. Can it go to infinity and Beyond? Doug takes a look at Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

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Richard Baranowski says:

Now if we could just get a black and white Marionette show called "Woody's Round Up" my Toy Story nostalgia/obsession would be satisfied.

Jacob Harbert says:

4:10 Doug: Obviously for kids | Meanwhile, Victoria's Space Suits!

Hutch the Husky says:

Hey I remember watching this show on TV when I was 7. Those were the Good days. ☺️ ?

Daisy_the_great says:

my favorite anime

/error_02 Help_me! says:

Actually in BLoSC: Buzz was voiced by Warburton

Aidan Reykdal says:

HoW dId I nOt KnOw AbOuT tHiS??! ahHhHhHhHhHhHh~

KraziStrawz says:

Am I the only one that hates when he puts this dramatic music over these comedic movies?

Justin Middleton says:

Fun Fact- In the version of this pilot film released on video, Tim Allen reprised his role as Buzz from the Toy Story films. When later repackaged for airing on television they had Patrick Warburton (Kronk, Mr. Barkin) dub over Allen's dialogue to be consistent with the series proper where he voiced Buzz.

Josh Who Videos says:

Had it , on video and DVD haven't seen it in ages

tushar behera says:

I was introduced to this show before I watched toystory . At first I thought omg buzz light-year is in toy story little did I know that toy story inspired it in the first place.

TheBoomerPride says:

Man I used to watch this when I was very little

Edgar Salgado says:

Screw you! Booster was awesome!

Lol, but seriously, not triggered for for real or anything, to each his own I always say.

Laura Hutton says:

This is one of my favorite movies.

william8456 says:

So doesn't that meant toy story 4 is 5? Something tells me that this was after 2


I still have the VHS.
Sitting on a shelf.
Next to my repro of Buzz Lightyear with box.

Mr. Cranker says:

I have that movie on vhs.

Ryan Nixon says:

I used to watch this

Lars VanBarbecue says:

Zerg almost sounds like Tim Curry could have voiced him.

Amy Smith says:

Oh man this takes me back!!!! I don't think I ever saw the movie but I loved the tv show

Queen of the Dwarves says:

I watched both this and the series that followed, and I agree with most of his points, it certainly entertained. I have rather fond memories of watching it.

Xavier Zara says:

It's basically Sonic SatAM

stickynotes says:

oh my god, i nearly forgot about this movie! i had it on vcr as a kid and me and my sister would watch it all the time. we don't own the tape anymore but it was one of our most watched, although i don't remember much i definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for some lighthearted fun

arnold manuel says:

To infinity, and even further.

JJ BB says:

This and the show were actually really good but I never found out what happen at the end

dominick smith says:

I used to have this on VHS I had an aunt and uncle who worked at Pixar around the time the Monsters Inc was coming out in theaters and they got me this.

niels van blitterswijk says:

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved it, too bad it didn't air much

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