Bumblebee – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Stephen Schneider, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Dylan O’Brien. Directed by Travis Knight.


Cappashaun says:

Basically micheal bays transformers movie sucked. Also they had racists characters in them.

Price1906 says:

Great review. Didn't recognize the ET alike. Movie sometime gave the King Kong vibe. Yet it's a good family movie. I enjoyed

Alexander Osmanov says:

It's a good movie but I couldn't help feeling it was way to sterile. At some moments I thought I was watching a Disney cartoon.

pacjam3000 says:

I personally didn't like this film. It's more of a kids film which is ok. Bumblebee just wasn't for me & I doubt any other Transformer film will top the 1st one for me personally. The music & John Cena was cool tho.

zerothehero123 says:

I was pleasantly surprised with the anima archetype heroine structure. Yes it was iron giant/et/pocahontas/beauty and the beast esque. But it's done so well that it's forgiven. The girl is great and I can't wait to see more of her. Cena does a great job and surpasses stone cold by a wide margin. The guy just has charisma what can I say. I was actually touched by this movie so I'm happy that transformers has finally been redeemed.

Shane Curren says:

When I saw Chris come up in the top search results for bumblebee movie review, I had to laugh because he loved The Last Jedi. (Skip). He's worse than Kevin Smith.

CASH Castro says:

The past movies were fire this movie is shit sorry

Alan Land says:

Hailie plays a "young kid?" She is an adult in real life.

Greg says:

I felt the movie was overly long, super cheesy and in many parts just plain boring. I guess my standards are just too high 😔

Sickle says:

I hate this movie. With a burning. Passion.

hnnb01100101 says:

dude this movie let me down. the end was very anti-climactic. the opening 5mins have better action than the rest of the whole movie

Samuel 666 says:

Dude u are True movie reviewer and understand movies more then certain other reviewers. consider me a subscriber.

Anopolis says:

hollywood creativity is DEAD…its only good because the original story was good…all these people have to do is stick to the original material and hey MONEY!! orrrr do something new.

jin says:

Chris, Iron Giant would be a better comparison since theyre both robots.

Sungsoo Hwang says:

This is the movie the world wanted. this is the end of the Bay era

Pranjal Sharma says:

Iron giant ..anybody?

BombGaming21 says:

I saw this earlier today and I realized the same thing about the moped bike when the mom was taking the dog to the vet! And also I did feel the ET vibes through out the film but i still enjoyed the film

Chad Sotelo says:

B ? Man ..I thought it was horrible

Max lord of cats says:

And people got more screen time!

Jacob Pahl says:

I would almost say it felt more like the movie Iron Giants but yes I agree with most of what you say

SparkaBomb says:

The plot gave me some Iron Giant vibes to be honest, especially during the scene where Bee decides to "defend himself".

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