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First trailer for Broadcast Signal Intrusion starring Harry Shum Jr.


Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)
DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)
StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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angie manson says:

I feel fantastic about this movie

Cinemondo Insider Movie Reviews says:

This looks super creepy! Can't wait to see it.

Sylenth`93` says:

Looks okay 😁

Ulisses Mendoza says:

Those masks are so creepy

Through Time and Space says:

This is like a combination of the max head room incident and the I feel fantastic video from the deep parts of YouTube, I’m in.

200$free says:

Reminds me of that video" I feel fantastic".I wonder if it's inspired by that creepy video on YouTube since the story surrounding it was a serial killer who filmed it after he had killed his lady victim?

Kenzie -.- says:

This looks good as there's no superheros anywhere.

Aileen Melows says:

I remember i am fantastic on this movie

L I V I N G C O L O U R says:

Some kind of SAW feeling

KeyFrame11 says:

Had some videodrome undertones in its vibe. Liking what I see

SimonCrowne says:

This movie is like the Biden administration, lots of baffling Bullshet and no answers for anything. Can't wait.

TheRantingBoy says:

This looks dope. Relieved someone looks like they can still make a movie


Looks really good

Innerverse says:

When/Where can I watch it?

Carlo Olivares says:

Under the Silver Lake vibe

Matt Fischer says:

could be interesting!

早川雪洲 says:

This looks good. Can't wait!!

bode260 says:

Was that TazerFace?.. Striking fear in anyone what hears his name..


This is clearly a "MAX HEADROOM INCIDENT" reference.

Simon Redican says:

A cross between The Ring, V for Vendetta and Se7en… it's on the watch list!

Ezeekyule Emel says:

I love this kind of movie. Horror/paranoia/conspiracy type deal. Bad title though. I know it's what the movie is about, but it ain't catchy.

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