BRIGHTBURN – Red-Band Extended Diner Scene- REACTION and REVIEW!!!

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BRIGHTBURN – Red-Band Extended Diner Scene- REACTION and REVIEW!!!

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Hey! Welcome to the Crew! We are the MackeyFam. We do daily vlog, travels and adventures over on our vlog channel. But here we react to everything and anything we into! Subscribe and geek out with us over all the fun things!!!

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MackeyFam Reacts says:

Hey Crew! What are your thoughts on this one? We are pretty excited!

Jason SanFillipo says:

Seen this the other day , and OMG !!! It was awesome !!!!

AvatarPrimus says:

Is really an awesome movie, I just saw this movie today here in Mexico and all I want after leaving the theater is more sequels of this movie already. Well done James Gunn, well done!

J Bagger says:

Spoiled child demigods are very terrific, they beget terror.



Toby Dion says:

"Use your good eyes." That is what I was saying, "is this what people with two eyes think it's like to have one eye?" I mean all people have to do is close one eye to see it's not this bad, also when she lost her eye it seems to have also screwed up her hearing haha.

Tramaine Terrance says:

The Superman rip-off is a good film. Superman has been around for more than 50 years and they still rip him off.😂When you realize Kal-El wasn't raised by the Kents.


Mix101 _ says:

I put one of my finger in front of that small screen the whole time even I'm already watch it in the cinema :')

KingK Vlogs says:

I saw the movie yesterday and omg it’s so good!!

Santiago Rivera Loera says:

I love your guys content ❤️🔥

LOY Payne says:

Hi my name is LOY

Serkan 000 says:

please put subtitles in Turkish videos 🙂

itsLeya Kotova says:

guys over the same time period u've posted 22 reacts vids to 3 adventure vids.

R u guys just tired of vlogs? 🙁

Martín Nicolás Espeche says:

Do "IT Chapter 2"!!!

Chris Vergara says:

Hey Crew Please React To The New It: Chapter 2 Teaser Trailer It Just Came Out 2 Hours Ago, Hurry.!!

Smile says:

React to IT: Chapter 2

Robert Viberg says:

i think the waitress left tomatoes on his burger even tho he asked her for one WITHOUT tomatoes, if thats true, she had it coming

Andrew Pragasam says:

So I guess this is how criminals feel when Superman hunts them down? Yikes! I wonder if the eyeball bit was inspired by a similar scene in the infamous horror film Zombie (1979)? I will probably see Brightburn, but man it creeps me out.

Scenic Stingray says:

Hey I’m new to your channel but I absolutely love your vids and I wanted to make a suggestion, you guys should react to ghost recon wild lands operation oracle trailer I think you guys might like it

Lloyd N Brown, Jr says:

Damn, this movie is like, Kal-el as a horror flick!!! Definitely, going to see this!!!

David Cooper says:

First, I absaloutely agree, I'm so in!
But I think it's hilarious that the non horror lover was grinning the entire time, while the horror fan had to turn away from the eye piercing.

Jason SanFillipo says:

James Gun's brothers are doing it.

Devin Jackson says:

This is great. I'm definitely in there. What can be more scary than a superman-ish person gone all the way bad with no remorse or second thoughts.

Red Karma says:

Can you react to all mortal kombat 11 fatalities plz like so they can see it

Denis D says:

Deep menacing trailer voice FTW!! Not…in…the…eyes!! All in, in a cringy goosebump kinda way 😉

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