BRIGHTBURN – Red-Band Extended Diner Scene REACTION!!!

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In this video Bunny is reacting to the BRIGHTBURN – Red-Band Extended Diner Scene

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SuperChiko4000 says:

This is a beautiful video 🔥

GodOfGodz says:

React to: IT Chapter Two Official Teaser Trailer

MrBigGrim says:

IF its all ready been suggested then I will repeat. You have to react to the ANH "SCENE 38 REIMAGINED"
Love Vader ? Gonna love this –

Cinema quality. these 6 mins are Better than the entire TLJ Movie

Salman Zafar says:

2:46 now that's pov


Good video!!!!

SiegeNoobie says:

That must be hurt goosebumps
For real tho. Its scary to be in the situation where there is glass stuck in your eye

Kartik Thakur says:

Awesome intro n awesome video 💐💐💐💐👌👌👌👍👍👍👍😊😊😊

Pangeran Husaini says:

Follow u so long only now I realized that you're bosnian..

Capone Ardelean says:


Isaiah Urias2019 says:

That looked scary and the kid had red eyes as superman but this kid is a bad scary superman Bunny Girl

Jay Tamayo says:

Cant wait to see it!!

Theresa Dalmare says:

so this is bat-woman v superman(asshole version)

James DeMarco says:

Great job, as usual!!

I'll be there opening day. My son wrote/sings one of the songs in the movie. It's called "In Here" by Sixteen Jackies. It's my understanding that it plays during a hide and seek scene. Pretty excited about it!!

You should come to the US and do a "Midnight Diner Roadtrip" vlog. You could just travel from small town to small town having late night dinners in creepy old diners. I WOULD PAY TO WATCH THAT!!

Juan Dominguez says:

Muy buena reaccion BUNNY ya me dan mas ganas de verla se ve que vas a estar muy entretenida👍👍🎬

Walking Wounded says:

"Bye Gary!" lol Gotta love this girl!💓

Erikas L. says:

Im not into horror movies but i think this is supposed to be evil crazy superman kid, when he was growing up on earth and understanding his powers. Extra evil version of superman is a bit interesting, its like Joker with superman powers xD thats creepy, in Batman vs superman humans want to put superman into the prison tho he did nothing bad, he was actually saving everyone, this version of superman would be the one to actually kill humanity. Well thank you for the reaction, stay awesome😉

Mehz YT says:

American diners are awesome the food is so good!

Thomas Jackson says:

I couldn’t focus on the trailer until the glass part because bunny pointed out the windows

-can you clean the windows lady like really

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