BRIGHTBURN – Red-Band Extended Diner Scene (In Theaters May 24)

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Evil has found its superhero. #Brightburn in theaters May 24.

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What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? With Brightburn, the visionary filmmaker of Guardians of the Galaxy and Slither presents a startling, subversive take on a radical new genre: superhero horror.

Elizabeth Banks
David Denman
Jackson A. Dunn
Matt Jones
and Meredith Hagner

Directed by: David Yarovesky

Written by: Mark Gunn & Brian Gunn

Produced by:
James Gunn
Kenneth Huang

Executive Producers:
Mark Gunn
Brian Gunn
Dan Clifton
Simon Hatt
Nic Crawley

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nenenitro says:

Too bad ! Today in my country ( Mexico ) the movie was released in theaters but it seems that what i could watch was a "Brightburn Lite" movie version because a lot of that scene was cut and censored and it seems that it happened the same with the rest of the violent scenes, it seems that I 'll have to wait longer to see it as it should be and not the "Baby First version" i watched here in our theatres of my country. Nice movie any way, I think it is worth to keep this story alive and I hope Sony wants to show us what will happens next with a second movie.

Patrick Wozniak says:

I getting tried of people ripping off superman

Christopher Law says:

The coup of the house of Zod.

Ram story wala says:

Bright burn cinematic universe:
Batman's origin:
Evil super man ( Brandon)
Destroying everything and comes across a company he destroys it and the c.e.o of that company dies and her husband and son want to
Take revenge for it and that dead c.e.o's company also in for it because they lost so many assets because of this evil super man they want revenge that's they
Started the program black butterfly this project soul focus is turn their company's c.e.o's husband and son and unstoppable
Vijalantees and it worked and they
Started to hunt evil super man but they always come close to killing Brandon Byers but they always fail
And in this process they caused
Two accidents in one accident
A new special elastic chemical that is meant to revolutionise the
Fashion industry spilled on a
Intern and he turned into this universe version of plastic man
And in another accident they
They attacked a military guy
Accidentally and he fell into
Failed nano technology weapons
And he turned into this universe version of cyborg
And after all this failures they finally found out about the true Identity of this evil super man
And they found out about his weakness and they teamed up with this universe version of plastic man and cyborg
To stop him and they succeeded
At the end this version of batman
Went to jail because of the damages he caused while stopping this evil super man
And this universe version of cyborg and plastic man became the true heros and
After this government ordered to
Created special bio weapons to
Kill aliens and one of the experiment ran off and harmed a
Reporter and her blood spilled into two containers and where
A mutated fish and bacteria was being kept and they turned into babies
The fish which turned into a baby is this universe version of aquaman
And the bacteria which turned into a baby is this universe version of
Wonder woman
( Yes aquaman and wonder woman is brother and sister duo in this universe)
The end

Penguin in a box says:

Damn, what did this woman do to deserve this?

OFFICIALDano mehner behind the scenes says:

But the eye part im like OUCH

OFFICIALDano mehner behind the scenes says:

Please stop striking joogssqaud

Mulyanto Darmawan says:

Now i know when "S" unleash the beast inside looks like, nice

abcde says:

In theaters May 24 but it's already available to watch in my local theaters

Tejas Mhatre says:

Awesome 😅

Lizafoot For5 says:

He does NOT come in peace 😰

Sacr Man says:

Can't wait for seeing this super man movie

Zippo Fanatic 77 says:

Ok Sony honest review I loved this movie. Rated R evil superman. I'm sold. I want to see the next one with just way more action. Yes I understand this one had to set everything up so we had the origin down packed. Got it 100%. So
Many possibilities. Take my fucking money now. R rated superman always been a dream of mine.

vicky andrian says:

Already saw it. This movie are so terrifying and a little gore but disturbing. Hope they make a sequel.

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