Brightburn – "Diner" Exclusive Red Band Clip

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James Gunn produced this subversive take on the comic book movie genre.

Brightburn - Trailer #1 (2019) Elizabeth Banks, James Gunn

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Edric Lao says:

Some one call Batman… or John Wick… I dont care… batman was right

Viru_ 95 says:

Bet she said/did something horrible to him in the movie that's why he came after her🤔

John Hernandez says:

How did the bulb break in the first place? And how was she not immediately closing and covering her eye after she removed the glass?

Elchamuc020 says:

Maybe I'll see it, who knows maybe more interesting stuff might be around. We will probably see better movies during that time

jeff namw says:

The end of the movie have bad guy song…… i'm a bad guy….

Andy Torres says:

The glass in the eye is not for the squimimish

Ragedaddy says:

Unfortunately this movie has been leaked online…Nevertheless, I really hope it's successful because we need more horror/superhero/villain movies like this and Chronicle.

Roberto Seijas says:

Ultraman origin story

Eric Garcia says:

😂🤣 "exclusive clip"

Marvel Disneyfan says:

Not since Stranger Things have I been made so afraid of flickering lights.

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