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Check out the official Breach trailer starring Bruce Willis! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: December 18, 2020
Starring: Bruce Willis, Rachel Nichols, Kassandra Clementi, Cody Kearsley
Directed By: John Suits
Synopsis: On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon.

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Reece000 WeUp!!! says:

And at the end they blow it out the Airlock…..

Bingy says:

Shake shake shakey cam it up!

Synthetic says:

Is Bruce really that bored and hard up for money he'll be in some B-movie schlock now?

Ромашка 1941 says:

Is this Asylum or UFO production???

Duch3v says:

This is probably going to suck. And I'm going to watch it anyway.

ManufacturedReality says:

Resident Evil, The Thing, Doom.

Mariano Labriola says:

Died hard in space

Thomas Compiano says:

I really don't think Bruce willis cares anymore.

Dmitriy Haliy says:

"Breach"ing the "sellout" boundaries.

Kazushi Saku57 says:

Did Bruce Willis forget to pay his taxes?

Ahmed Ramzy says:

I like the soundtrack though, does any one know it's name?

Rosalinda Anderson says:

When watching this trailer, why did I suddenly have flashes of Die Hard films, Punisher, Pandorum, Life, Alien Covenant, Prometheus, Deep Star Six, The Leviathan, Virus, Creature, Dawn of the Dead 04, I am Legend, The Thing 2011, Stranger Things season 3 and Slither?

(I didn't list The Thing 81 because I don't think the film Breach is worthy of the recognition.)

Also, like the film The Thing and Ghostbusters there's another film called Breach made in 2007. This Breach needs another film title.

By the way, that creature at the end looks somewhat like The Lickers from Resident Evil 2 game.

Almost forgot….

Doom 2005 film is far more superior than this film just by looking at the trailer.

Jerry Melvin says:

yippee ki yay Aliens…Die Hard in space with John McClane's

Jed Farley says:

Stop comparing The Thing to this. The Thing was an actual movie.

Peter Lenham says:

Bruce Willis hasn't made a good film in years, and this is just as bad. When Bruce gets credited 2nd, you know something has gone very wrong. Plus it has Thomas Jane in it. I rest my case.

Tyler Durden says:

Using guns inside a space ship??? Smart.

Necromonger says:

There's two minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Pavel Jarosch says:

We would like to make Aliens clon movie. We dont have budget for alien cgi, but we have Bruce for half of his usual pay check.

ShadoeFax1986 says:

So pandorum just say you copied pandorum

Mau Rios says:

Jonh McClane is space? XD

lector says:

zombie + space = im going to watch it anyway

Shayne Thomas says:

Thomas Jane deserves better than this.

Simwillb says:

Bruce Willis IS…
Bruce Willis!
'Throws Dart' – A Space
'Throws Dart' – Alien Zombie outbreak
'Throws Dart' – Thriller

Daniel 97 says:

Basically Among Us

Kevin T says:

It looks like Roger Corman's Forbidden World but without all the great gratuitous nudity.

Maka Ron says:

I enjoy a trashy zombie outbreak/Aliens rip off sometime.
Might be fun for 90 minutes.

Eastwood 81 says:

Haha, nah I'll pass thanks.

The Batman says:

So, the Thing meets Alien Covenant and The Walking Dead, with Bruce Willis?

4Sparta says:

This weeks new scifi original movie…. Breach. Right after Sharktopus.

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