Brad’s Status – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Brad’s Status, starring Ben Stiller, Austin Abrams, Jenna Fischer, Jemaine Clement, Luke Wilson, Michael Sheen. Directed by Mike White.


blackdragon496 says:

i loved the acting , but story wise, I was expecting ben to come to a conclusion at the end that his problem was not too big as he made it in his mind . I thought the ending was incomplete.

Rowell Nagales says:

Kinda surprised me, the one who wrote Nacho Libre and Emoji Movie direct and wrote this.

Creature Made Treasure says:

Im actually trying to find another film to watch thats similar to this. Oh and Duplex was my fav Ben Stiller film

Creature Made Treasure says:

Yea this movie had me thinking days after watching it. Its so real. With social media these days Im sure everyone can relate to this film. And the boy was an amazing actor too. Great review! Totally agree!

sultan alenziy says:


Guybrush Threepwood says:

Brad's excessively high expectations in life, that keeps him from appreciating what he has, seems to me like a satire of the reality of quite a humongous amount of people. The movie allows us to see from a 3rd perspective the inner feeling anyone may have and not realize … of grass always being greener on the other Facebook profiles; the conflicts of our own envy; and the fear of failure in life.

Andrew M says:

Best movie I’ve seen all year. Although the year did just start haha. But no, this movie hecka touched me yo. Ben Stiller was incredible conveying the turmoil of being trapped inside of his mind like he did.

Jesse Hamilton says:

I didn't like the voiceover at first but I thought it really reflected how his character was constantly worried about himself and not anyone else. It even seemed to disappate some towards the end as he developed.

gaz south says:

I thought it was a pretentious piece of shit. The ending was shit too.

Nathan Limesand says:

The movie was great, but wow was it depressing

methox says:

review bright

E Schur says:

This movie was amazing. One of Stiller's best.

Sp02 90% says:

Fantastic review, chris. I am watching it tonight.

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